Railway & MCx Assurance

Railway and MCx Assurance

Test, measure & monitor telecom networks & mission critical systems performance with confidence

VIAVI Solutions, formerly Expandium and Comtest Wireless, provide tools specifically for railway and other mission critical operators with technically demanding environments, who depend on private networks to run their mission critical communications.

Our portfolio is the de-facto, most-used railway telecommunication and signaling test, measurement and monitoring solutions in the rail industry. It is also why VIAVI already supports railway operators in over 30 countries across Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Oceania.

The new generation of Mission Critical Services (MCS) networks offers flexibility and local broadband access, which allows many sectors to improve their efficiency, reactivity and service quality, thanks to new applications and usages. 

Emergency services, power plants, offshore platforms, factories, hospitals, mines, transportation (railways, airports, and harbors) are just some of the sectors that benefit from these new local private broadband networks.


OT Cyber Attack Monitoring
Active Rail Telecoms Test & Measurement
GSM-R & ETCS Monitoring
Future Railway Mobile Communication System Monitoring
Railway Emergency Call Monitoring
Service Assurance for Critical Communication Networks



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