Smart ID Plus and Smart ID

Advanced Coax Probes

Solution for problematic coax home wiring reduces repeat calls and improves customer experience.

Smart ID Plus

The industry’s most innovative solution for addressing the weakest link in coax home networks – home wiring – reduces repeat calls for improved customer experience. Works with DSAM to comprehensively test the home coax network in less than two minutes.


  • Eliminate time-consuming guesswork, test entire home coax network in minutes
  • Reduces repeat service calls by enabling quick and comprehensive coax home-network testing
  • Simplify operation and reporting using tech’s meter as the user interface


  • Quickly identify problematic network connections
  • Identify premises wiring issues and minimize unnecessary CPE replacements
  • Indicates presence of splitters, filters, and amplifiers
  • Unexpected reflections and distances to potential faults are also shown
  • With SmartID Plus and SmartID tech can test continuity, actual frequency response and ingress from point to point

Key Features

  • Extremely portable (5.5in x 2.75in x 1.25in)
  • Point to point verification between SmartID Plus and SmartID or ActiveIDs
  • With SmartID distance can be displayed from both directions to improve location accuracy

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