GEOinsights (Discontinued)

GEOinsights unlocks the power of the location intelligence. The data feed transforms the detailed connection centric data into an anonymized, aggregated feed of insights about places, people, and time, enabling new revenue streams through data monetization.

This product has been discontinued.

This product has been discontinued

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Harnessing Location Intelligence

As mobile operators look to harness the customer data within their networks, both to optimize their own businesses and create new business models and revenue streams, GEOinsights unlocks the power of the location intelligence within the ariesoGEO platform.

The powerful GEOinsights data feed transforms the detailed connection centric data within the ariesoGEO platform into an anonymized, aggregated feed of insights about places, people, and time. This information is ready to be shared with external systems and  can be integrated with data warehouses using straightforward and cost effective techniques. In many cases the intelligence from GEOinsights can be directly used with business intelligence solutions.

Compared to other sources of location intelligence information GEOinsights brings several key advantages:

  • Intelligence covers all of an operator’s customers, not just those using a particular service or type of device as experienced with client app based solutions
  • Location information is provided at much higher resolution than cell based systems, in urban areas resolutions in excess of 100 times cell level can be achieved.
  • By pre-combining customer profile information the intelligence provided can be filtered and grouped by an extensive range of attributes, and still remains anonymous.

GEOinsights enables new revenue streams through data monetization. Leading operators around the world are exploring how the unique customer behaviour information they hold can be harnessed to deliver value to other business segments with offers such as Location Insight Services.

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xSIGHT and ariesoGEO Training

There are a number of 2 and 3 day courses available for xSIGHT and the ariesoGEO system. User, Advanced User, and Administrator are different type of Users for the ariesoGEO system, with further options depending on the technologies used and the vendor environments.

All those attending xSIGHT and ariesoGEO training have access to our online learning portal. This invaluable portal will provide relevant pre-learning prior to the courses, then as engineers begin to use xSIGHT and ariesoGEO post-training, their learning experience will continue through access to electronic course materials, online assessments, webinars and forums in a global xSIGHT and ariesoGEO user community.

Access the VIAVI Solutions Insight Academy


Following on from the ariesoGEO training courses, the Mentoring Program will help to embed this powerful solution across multiple processes within an organization and help maximize the value from this Location Intelligence.

For further information about ariesoGEO training and mentoring please contact your account manager.


Proximus は NITRO GEO (アリエソ GEO) プラットフォームを利用して、2G、3G、および LTE ネットワークの計画、最適化を図っています。安定していて信頼性の高いプラットフォームとして NITRO GEO の評判は良く、1 つのシステムの下に当社のソリューションを統合し、お客様に比類のない体験を提供します。

BelgacomはNITRO GEO(アリエソGEO)プラットフォームを利用して、2G、3G、およびLTEネットワークの計画、最適化を図っています。安定した信頼性の高いプラットフォームとしてNITRO GEO(アリエソGEO)の評判は良く、1つのシステムの下に当社のソリューションを統合し、お客様に比類のない体験を提供することができます。



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