NetComplete Video Service Assurance Solutions (Discontinued)

Deploying Successful Video from “Distribution to Display”

Video service assurance solution that provides quality of service monitoring, in-depth visibility, problem detection and fault isolation capabilities.

This product has been discontinued.

This product has been discontinued

Deploying Successful Video from “Distribution to Display”

  • Assuring Quality of Experience from head-end to home
  • Video Performance Monitoring
  • Video  MPEG Troubleshooting

To cost-effectively address the high-quality standards and the expectation for perfection from customers enjoying digital video services, providers must have visibility of the subscriber’s quality of experience (QoE). This includes a clear view into digital video quality as it traverses the network from the master headend through to their customers. The NetComplete Digital Video Service Assurance solution combines MPEG Video Monitoring (MVP) probes, and Pathtrak Video and Reverse Path Monitoring probes positioned at key points along the service delivery chain with industry proven NetComplete OSS software. Together, this service assurance system delivers the necessary applications and tools across all work groups enhancing real-time visibility, fault isolation and problem correlation.


  • Support video and audio content monitoring assuring quality prior to being injected into the IP network
  • Provides MPEG monitoring and  troubleshooting across the edge before and after video manipulations
  • Supports HFC Field Network and Home Network Testing and Troubleshooting


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