Product Flashes

10月 22, 2021 VIAVI Solutions enhances its SmartPocket V2 Family with Test Process Automation (TPA)

New TPA enabled SmartPocket V2 optical handhelds–Power Meters, Light Sources and Optical Test Kits

7月 19, 2021 VIAVI Solutions announces the redesign and update of its OTDR product range

New portfolio of OTDR coupled with brand new user experience for SmartOTDR, T-BERD/MTS-2000 V2, -4000 V2, -5800, OneAdvisor-800, OneAdvisor-1000, and CellAdvisor 5G platforms

6月 22, 2021 VIAVI Solutions introduces new Nano OSA™ Modules for fast deployment and turn-up of any xWDM service

A new range of WDM test and deployment tools for T-BERD/MTS-2000 V2, -4000 V2, -5800, OneAdvisor-800, -1000 and CellAdvisor 5G platforms

6月 2, 2021 VIAVI announces OneAdvisor 800 Blind Scan capability for simplified, accelerated over-the-air testing

New feature saves RF technicians time in active spectrum test

5月 19, 2021 VIAVI announces Xgig® 5P16 Analyzer/Exerciser/Jammer platform for PCI Express® 5.0 Architecture

Single chassis supports all three functions: Analyzer/Exerciser/Jammer –and decodes all PCIe®, NVMe and CXL technology traffic at all layers of the stack.

4月 13, 2021 VIAVI Solutions announces a complete update of its SmartPocket Family

New SmartPocket V2 optical handhelds– Power Meters, Light Sources and Optical Test Kits

2月 17, 2021 VIAVI Solutions Introduces the VIAVI Instrument Programming Tool (VIP Tool™)

Identify the task, develop the script, define the report…Let the VIP Tool do the rest!