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Monitor and troubleshoot trackside telecoms, signaling and interlocking systems 24 hours a day 365 days a year

QATS - A key trackside solution

QATS Railway offers comprehensive tracing tools to measure metrics such as handovers, HDLC frames, transactions and voice group calls. Metrics can be displayed in real time 24/7, and historical data can be easily queried. A wide range of metrics are included in the features listed below. Check the product brochure or contact us for more details.

QATS Railway is an invaluable network performance monitoring tool for daily operations. It ensures the safety of the network and allows technical teams to investigate almost any network-related issue that has been detected. The time saved thanks to such a tool means that railway operators can ensure optimal quality of service and even carry out proactive maintenance using techniques such as machine learning and reference analysis.

During the rollout of a network, QATS Railway uses a set of technical and functional KPIs to ensure the network is compliant to various performance and safety standards. Technical KPIs evaluate connection establishment times and the failure rate of any kind of transaction, handover, etc. Functional KPIs evaluate parameters such as the routing of location dependent addressing calls, the functioning of registration/deregistration, group call area description, etc.