OTDR 模块 - 4100 系列适用于 MTS-2000、4000 V2、5800 平台

OTDR 测试解决方案,用于长途网络、城域网、FTTx/PON、接入网和企业网络的安装、开通和维护。

OTDR Modules – 4100-Series
SLM View
SLM Trace View

VIAVI 4100 系列 OTDR 模块使现场技术人员能够快速、可靠并且经济高效地安装、开通任何光网络架构并对其进行故障排查—— 4100 系列 OTDR 模块的光学性能与全套 MTS 平台测试功能相结合,可确保任何测试工作都能在首次正确完成。


  • 结合 OTDR、功率计和持续光源以提高测试灵活性
  • 借助用于在线故障排查的专用波长准确执行 PON 网络故障排查
  • 执行 OTDR 测试时利用即时自动流量检测避免实时信号干扰或损坏光发射机


  • 构建、开通城域网和长途网络并对其进行故障排查
  • 对企业和数据中心网络进行第 2 层认证和维护
  • 对 FTTA 光缆进行特征分析和故障排查(宏基站发射塔、无线回传、分布式天线系统和云无线接入)
  • 对 FTTH-PON 网络进行验收和故障排查(光纤分布和入户光缆验证以及分路器穿透测试)


  • 高达 45 dB 的动态范围以及 256000 个采集点
  • 针对 PON 优化,可穿透测试高达 1x128 的分路器
  • 组合的单模/多模版本
  • 波长为 1310、1490、1550、1625 和 1650 纳米的单/双/三波长版本
  • 一个连接器端口提供 1310、1550 和在线 1625 或 1650 纳米波长
  • OTDR 端口上的集成式光源和功率计
  • 在  FiberComplete  版本中提供,用于自动完成双向 OTDR、IL 和 ORL 测量

Ease of use for minimal learning time

  • The UI is optimized for a simple user experience and workflow to enable direct access to the main test setup or config menus with instant access to key features and results.
  • Fast and responsive it puts control at your fingertips, the touch, drag, pinch zoom, swipe, long press gestures allowing for greater instrument control and results manipulation

Take the headache out of trace analysis

  • SmartLink Mapper (SLM) analyzes and identifies passive optical elements within any OTDR trace, new or old, and represents them as simple icons which form a fiber link map
  • Easy toggle between SmartLink , Trace and event table views with direct correlation of a selected event

OTDR made easy, no setup, guided and repeatable test

  • SmartTEST is the OTDR assistant that eliminates all complex OTDR setup errors and guides a user through easy and clear operational steps.
  • Four simple steps guide techs through initial setup, testing, result review and reporting

Certify and troubleshooting with single test port and 3 Wavelengths

  • A single test port for 3 wavelength test to shoot further and improve bend detection
  • Seamless switching between construction and troubleshooting tasks for standard and in-service filtered 1625 or 1650nm testing
  • Certify fibers are ready for future requirements for C-band and L-Band (xWDM) operation
  • Consolidated reporting for all wavelengths cuts volume of test results in half

Streamline job allocation, test process compliance and data upload/audit for remote workforce

Test Process Automataion (TPA) allows your team to deliver expert-level test results and close projects on the first try, every time. TPA is a closed loop test system that optimizes workflows, eliminates manual, error prone work and automates immediate data reporting for job close out, team progress updates and network health analytics. Execute jobs efficiently to ensure high quality network builds, rapid turn-up/activation and enhanced operational visibility.

See TPA for yourself













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