C-band (Mid-band)

Full suite of testing tools for C-band (Mid-band) deployment in any part of the network lifecycle.

C-band (Mid-band)
Check out our complete test suite to support C-band deployment throughout the network lifecycle.

In addition to efficient, intuitive tools for spectrum clearance, timing & synchronization, and signal analysis, we also incorporated advanced test process automation to optimize antenna alignment, fiber certification, coax verification, and coverage mapping.

C-Band and 5G C-Band Test Solutions

We offer a full suite of C-band test tools to ensure spectrum clearance and performance throughout the network lifecycle. Advanced test process automation supports C-band testing through intuitive workflows and built-in guidance for Engineers and Technicians. 

  • Antenna Alignment: 5G beamforming and massive MIMO rely on the precise tuning and precision of large arrays. Antenna alignment and line-of-sight surveys during installation are essential for maximizing mid-band frequency and mmWave performance. 
    Our 3Z RF Vision antenna alignment tool performs directional antenna alignment including Azimuth, Tilt, and Roll settings. Reliable line-of-sight (LOS) surveys can also be generated. A built-in camera conveniently displays the line-of-sight on a 5-inch touchscreen display.
  • Fiber Inspection: Complete inspection and certification of fiber end faces verifies the “fiber hygiene” of the network during installation. With fiber forming the backbone of C-band 5G antenna deployment and x-haul, fiber inspection ensures that cleanliness, particles, and other fiber hygiene issues do not impede network performance. 
  • OTDR Testing: Once fiber is installed, OTDR fiber testing allows any faults to be identified quickly, including the fault type, location, and probable cause. The SmartOTDR Handheld Fiber Tester performs automated OTDR testing with intuitive symbology and reporting. Test processes can be optimized for any skill level. Automated Pass/Fail fiber inspection, optical loss testing, and visual fault location (VFL) capabilities are also included. 
  • OneAdvisor-800: Essential C-band verification tests can be completed quickly and easily using the OneAdvisor 800 analyzer. In addition to comprehensive interference hunting for spectrum clearance, this advanced C-band test product also performs persistence spectrum analysis to detect interference issues related to TDD. OTDR, Cable and Antenna Analyzer (CAA), and Fiber Scope modules round out this complete C-band test solution. 
  • T-BERD/MTS-5800: The C-band sweet spot for 5G services means Timing and Synchronization testing are essential. The T-BERD/MTS-5800 is an outstanding tool for GPS antenna location, signal verification, and synchronization error testing. The TEM Timing Module, featuring a GNSS antenna and miniature atomic clock, enhances versatility and accuracy for field measurements.
  • Test Process Automation: C-band has unlocked the full potential of 5G use cases by striking a balance between coverage and bandwidth. The impact of beamforming, network function virtualization, and Massive MIMO can now be showcased without the coverage deficiencies of millimeter wave. Our Test Process Automation (TPA) solution is the key to effective C-band spectrum clearance, timing & synchronization, and performance testing with an automated, consistent, and tech-friendly interface. 

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