SmartClass Home v3 Inside Wiring and Networks Service Meter (Discontinued)

Handheld service meter for high- speed ADSL-VDSL2 and HPNA networks as well as internal wiring at the customer premises for voice, video, and data services

The SmartClass Home v3 handheld service meter enables verification of high- speed digital subscriber line (ADSL-VDSL2) and Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (HPNA) networks as well as the internal wiring at the customer premises for proper operation of voice, video, and data services. Use the SmartClass Home to test xDSL to the side of the premises, HPNA inside the premises, as well as the coax and twisted pair wiring inside of the subscriber's location. The SmartClass Home provides an easy-to-use, accurate, and economical measurement tool for service technicians who install or troubleshoot triple-play services over existing or new networks.

The SmartClass Home includes a unique set of features to completely qualify the subscriber's premises for triple-play services that use xDSL and HPNA technologies as well as the physical media to deliver communication signals throughout the site. The SmartClass Home also includes a unique feature set for testing Ethernet data networks in residential and small-to-medium-sized business (SMB) locations. The built-in 802.11b/g wireless feature ensures correct WiFi functionality in and around subscriber locations.


  • Reduce OpEx by decreasing the time that it takes to install and maintain video services
  • Reduce CapEx by combining all necessary tests into one complete, easy-to-use, battery-operated, field optimized test set that can test in the field, at the NID, and in the Home
  • Avoid the complexity of copper testing with one-button Pass/Fail CableCheck functionality that includes balance testing and good ground capabilities
  • Improve efficency by saving all test results for further analysis and storage


  • Synch up over ADSL through VDSL2 to verify that rates are adequate to provide desired services over single or bonded pairs
  • Qualify existing copper pairs for xDSL service
  • Verify residential, MDU, and SMB internal wiring using coax cable identification through splitters and other coax network elements as well as Noise Immunity test that mea-sures coax shield isolation
  • Validate and troubleshoot live HPNA mode B networks
  • Perform accurate tests to locate and troubleshoot disruptions for inter-nal network data, voice, and video service over coax, Cat3/Cat5/Cat5e/ Cat6 cables
  • Verify Ethernet, POTS, and 802.11b/g wireless functionality to ensure trouble-free services

Key Features

  • Coax Map feature and the Noise Immunity Test to assess quality and to troubleshoot issues in a coax network
  • Active ID can delineate multiple runs of coax in the building even through coaxial splitters and can use the integrated wiring tools to qualify twisted pairs, including Cat3, Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6 cables
  • Fully functional built-in butt-set that can test POTS voice delivery along with wiring identification and toning to locate and identify cables
  • Combined with an easy-to-use menu structure, the features of the SmartClass Home represent the best all-in-one service and wiring tester available