Switch Module - Large Channel Count (Discontinued)

SKB series

VIAVI modular 1xN controllable switches are designed to connect a single optical channel to any of N channels.

The VIAVI SKB series controllable optical switch is designed to connect a single optical channel to any of N channels. It is the enhanced version of our legacy SK/SP series switch modules and is the only stepper-motor based switch module available in this market with a lifetime greater than 120 million cycles. Each module can accommodate multiple 1 x N switches that can be internally interconnected to provide various types of configurations, such as blocking M x N, where M represents inputs and N represents outputs, or each module can operate as independent switches. The switch module is available in two package sizes:

  • Package size 1 can accommodate up to two switches with total channel count up to 50.
  • Package size 2 can accommodate up to four switches with a total channel count up to 100.

The operation of the switch is based on proven JDS Uniphase's expanded beam lens technology utilizing a precision stepper-motor to align optical channels. The use of collimating lenses minimizes insertion loss (IL). The design is optimized for high return loss (RL). The switch is microprocessor controlled via a parallel interface or addressable serial interface (RS-485). It is designed for mounting on a printed circuit board or within a module for OEM applications.


  • Remote fiber test systems (RFTS)
  • Fiber network restoration
  • Fiberoptic component test and measurement
  • Integrated module solution designed for integration into new products
  • OEM applications
  • Sensing applications

Key Features

  • Lifetime greater than 120 million cycles
  • Up to 100 channels
  • Up to 4 switches in a module
  • Internal switches can be factory configured to create various configurations, such as blocking MxN
  • Latching version available
  • Queriable switch position and configuration
  • Status and alarm registers
  • Highly customer-configurable to assist in swapping spares or changing channel order
  • Operating temperature of - 35 to 75 °C for steppermotor-based switches
  • Typical IL 0.5 dB