AXIe Modules (Discontinued)



DPS12 - Device Power Supply
The DPS12 is a 12 channel analog source/measurement unit in a single slot AXIe 3.1 format. It has voltage forcing functionality along with a source engine and PMU digitizers (250 KHz sample rate). The channels are independently programmed and can be operated in any combination. The DPS12 is divided into two banks with 6 channels per bank. Each bank can have its -12 V to +12 V range shifted up to match application needs.

Dynamic Digital 48 - AXI Compatible Instrument with 48 Flexible Digital Channels
The DD48 is a self contained 48 channel mixed-signal digital system that fits in a single AXI slot.  Each DD48 has an independent sequencer controller with pattern generators, and an independent per channel timing system via integrated timing generators connected to integrated pin electronics.  Each pin card can operate as an independent 48 channel sub-system or may be synchronized with other pin cards controlled by a separate Digital Synchronization Module provided in the Chassis InterFace board (CIF) installed in the system backplane.   Each pin on the DD48 can drive and compare data up to 400 Mbps.

Cage Interface Card (CIF)
A CIF system module is required in the hub slot of each AXIe chassis.

The CIF provides the following functionality:

  • Communications between the test computer and instruments located within a chassis
  • Multiple types of flexible asynchronous instrument triggers
  • Frequency references on one or more chassis backplanes
  • Support for a single DMM (digital multimeter) to be used for instrument calibration within multiple chassis
  • AXIe shelf management functions
  • Digital synchronization on one or more chassis backplanes.