NetProbe OBU (On Board Unit)

Continuous automated data collection of on-board ERTMS and national signalling systems using test & fleet trains

NetProbe OBU can collect data from a wide range of different onboard systems. By compiling it into a single platform it is much easier to conduct analysis and detect issues more quickly, thereby improving asset and operational efficiency.

  • Direct automated onboard data collection 
  • Provides independent information to identify and corroborate GSM-R, signalling, train and driver performance issues
  • Helps to ensure continuously meet KPIs/ SLAs and can address issues before they impact the customer
  • Ensures payment only for delays only when they are your fault
  • Helps to optimize asset maintenance schedules and service levels
  • Enables continuous and comprehensive visibility of fleet and asset operational performance
  • Single analytical platform prevents siloed data collection and analysis, so it is easier to identify potential issues more quickly and resolve them more efficiently
  • Intuitive software, clear graphical interface 
  • Designed to be mounted onboard test trains, wagons
  • Can also be mounted in passenger and freight trains

Providing detailed visibility of operational asset performance 
Test trains can be expensive to move to different locations and are not easy to run during peak times. That’s why there can be significant advantages to installing monitoring systems onboard operational trains.

NetProbe OBU can automatically collect data directly from a wide range of different onboard systems. This includes: 

  • GMS-R radio data, including any trace interface (if available)
  • ERTMS and national signalling network performance ETCS data or any other signalling-related parameters
  • General train data, such as: GPS position, speed, braking, and acceleration performance
  • Movement authorities between the train and the Radio Block Center (RBC)
  • Balise data, including individual and group balise statuses, and the balise telegram log Driver information

As the data is then compiled into the single Analytics platform, it prevents data silos and makes it much easier to conduct overall analysis and detect issues more quickly. By providing access to a combined & comprehensive overview of multiple dependent rail systems, NetProbe OBU can assist in identifying and corroborating GSM-R, telecom, signalling, train and rail systems performance issues.

Our solutions are all supplied with appropriate training, support and maintenance packages tailored to meet different client operational processes and environments.

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