VIAVI Introduces Advanced Capability to Popular CellAdvisor Base Station Analyzer, to Expand Testing and Reduce Costs for Cell Site Installations

Tier-1 Mobile Network Operators Already Benefiting From Dramatic Reductions in Cost and Time to Market

Milpitas, Calif., February 4, 2016 – VIAVI Solutions (NASDAQ: VIAV) today announced an upgrade to its popular CellAdvisor Base Station Analyzer that introduces baseband unit (BBU) emulation to enable comprehensive testing during remote radio head (RRH) installations at cell sites. The new feature dramatically reduces the need for repeat site visits and tower climbs to speed up deployment times and significantly reduce operational expenses.

Traditionally, cell site installation is segmented into two parts performed during different visits. First, a technician climbs the tower to install the RRH, and conducts sweep testing and fiber inspection. Second, the BBU is installed on a separate visit, where the RRH is put on air, and a comprehensive cell site test can occur. According to VIAVI customers in North America, problems at this stage necessitate a second tower climb as much as 20 percent of the time, and VIAVI estimates the total economic cost of each such instance—including loss of revenue from lack of service, and cost of troubleshooting and revisit—can exceed $50,000.

By adding BBU emulation, CellAdvisor opens up a more comprehensive cell site test to identify and address problems on the first visit. Following installation of the radio, technicians can now put it on the air to verify performance of, or identify problems with equipment (radio, antennas, coaxial cables) or the radio environment, including external interference, noise or passive inter-modulation. Previously, these tests were possible only once the BBU had been installed and turned up, which could take up to 30 days after radio installation.

“Mobile service providers worldwide have standardized on CellAdvisor for its test functionality, ease of use, portability and cost effectiveness,” said Jim Nerschook, General Manager, Wireless Solutions. “They’ve asked us to extend that value proposition to enable comprehensive cell site testing, in order to minimize cost, time to market, downtime and risks to technician safety. BBU emulation is the answer they’ve been looking for. In fact, several of our Tier-1 customers have already upgraded their CellAdvisor instruments to achieve these significant advantages and savings.”

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