How can you save thousands of hours in test time in your DWDM or PON metro and access networks?

The answer is centralized, remote fiber test with VIAVI ONMS. VIAVI ONMS offers new features to test DWDM, PON and P2P networks

In Service DWDM Test: How do you get more data into the same pipe using DWDM and conduct in-service test and troubleshooting on all fibers without creating signal loss? The answer is tuneable DWDM Test! The VIAVI ONMS remote fiber test solution offers a flexible, tuneable DWDM OTDR fiber test head for up to 1080 fibers. It is tune-able in the C-band with a 44 dB dynamic range.

  • In service tuneable test provides visibility to all fibers and requires no spare fiber.
  • Eliminates need to budget for the loss caused by passive components like filters.
  • Use one wavelength for trunk/feeder cable monitoring and tune to target wavelength on demand to demarcate issues on deep fiber legs beyond a DEMUX that serve FTTX, 5G and R-PHY nodes.
  • Save hours of dispatch time by demarcating issues remotely from the headend to the fiber edge.

P2P and PON P2MP Construction and Activation Test: How do you automate error prone high fiber count or P2MP PON construction and service activation test and always get it right the first time? Use VIAVI ONMS for construction, activation. Got 1000 fibers to connect? No problem!

Lightsource for Continuity: Our latest feature for construction users eliminates cross connects to maintain perfect continuity during splice and connectorization is called lightsource. Remotely light up a fiber by port to verify connecting the correct fiber miles out the field using the mobile app to control a centralized test head.

  • Eliminate needless errors, and delays to verify the correct fiber.
  • Can’t see all those tiny labels or did they get worn off? Lightsource comes to the rescue.

Check out VIAVI ONMS for scalable, remote fiber test.