VIAVI announces OneAdvisor 800 Blind Scan capability for simplified, accelerated over-the-air testing

New feature saves RF technicians time in active spectrum test

VIAVI Solutions today announced the availability of Blind Scan capability for the OneAdvisor 800 platform. Adding to the growing set of innovative, simplified RF testing capabilities on the OneAdvisor 800, Blind Scan:

  • Provides an auto-discovery mode that quickly detects active RF channels at any selected location
  • Enables technicians to validate active 4G, 5G and 5G DSS services, particularly in CBRS band, and DAS environments

In the CBRS band, service providers using General Authorized Access (GAA) spectrum have limited knowledge of the channels that may be assigned to them and other collocated services. Configuring instruments to evaluate the RF performance of the channel under test in these environments is a time-consuming process for RF engineers. With Blind Scan, deep knowledge of the active spectrum is not required. Engineers simply configure the frequency range or frequency bands of interest and the ONA 800 quickly shows the active channels in use. Once RF channels are discovered, RF engineers can select one of those channels for deeper signal and beam analysis.

Similar use cases for DAS, and baseline RF testing can be efficiently performed using the OneAdvisor 800 Blind Scan feature. Blind Scan will reduce test time for contractors and RF engineers asked to optimize and maintain RF in new markets.

About the VIAVI OneAdvisor 800

VIAVI OneAdvisor 800 is a breakthrough cell site installation solution that brings unprecedented simplicity, speed, and accuracy to site turn-up and maintenance through multi-test capability and test process automation, streamlining the work into a short sequence of push-button tests.

For more information, visit OneAdvisor 800.

OneAdvisor-800 Blind Scan