Xgig 1000 16 G Fiber Channel and 10 G and 40 G Ethernet Portable Analysis and Test Platform

Comprehensive multiprotocol analysis, load testing, and error injection for all SAN/NAS technologies.

The VIAVI Xgig 1000 is the only product that addresses 10 and 40 GE and 4/8/16 G Fiber Channel in an integrated portable platform with reconfigurable ports. With its uniquely portable chassis, the Xgig 1000 enables detailed protocol testing in manufacturer R&D labs and helps field installers deploy and troubleshoot SANs. It is also the only platform to perform inline, non-intrusive capture and analysis, inline jamming, and end-node emulation with generation and load testing at 16 G and Ethernet analysis up to 40 G. The Xgig 1000 includes industry-standard capture format and a unique ability to correlate between Fiber Channel and Ethernet networks with expert analysis based on 800+ metrics and rules.

Key Benefits
The VIAVI Xgig 1000 offers the ability to:

  • Speed SAN and network attached storage (NAS) installation and deployment with automated testing
  • Handle easily in a data-center environment with a lightweight, small footprint
  • Reduce downtime and save SLA-management costs with an industry-proven, reliable analytical/troubleshooting solution
  • Improve storage and network services management with comprehensive IO-performance statistics


  • Analysis
  • Error injection (jamming)
  • Load testing


  • 4/8/16 G Fiber Channel
  • 10/40 GE (including FCoE, iSCSI, iWARP, RoCE and VXLAN)

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