PVA-1000 VoIP Network Analysis Suite (Discontinued)

VoIP/IMS analysis software and remote software capture agents.

PVA-1000 software provides automated capture and detailed analysis of VoIP calls. Distributed agents automate the data collection process. The resulting capture files are analyzed by the PVA-1000 Analysis software and to provide details of signaling and quality performance and issues. The PVA-1000 reduces travel and eliminates the difficult in capturing and analyzing VoIP problems.


  • SPAN port monitoring with automatic MOS based capture
  • Signaling Analysis of SIP, Cisco SCCP and MGCP/NCS
  • Detailed jitter and packet loss analysis
  • Stereo audio playback from capture file
  • VoIP/IMS Softphone automated call capture
  • Full report generator
  • Analyze capture files from a variety of sources


  • IT support for enterprise VoIP network
  • IMS provider softphone automated problem capture/analysis
  • Call Center quality monitoring and troubleshooting
  • VoIP System integrator network validation and acceptance
  • Detailed analysis of capture files from other sources

Key Features

  • Troubleshoot signaling problems in VoIP/IMS networks
  • Identify jitter and packet loss problems with VoIP/IMS telephone calls
  • Automatic capture of VoIP/IMS calls with low MOS
  • Forwarding of capture files to designated server
  • Automated monitoring for intermittent quality problems
  • Eliminate dispatches to remote locations with remote capture capability
  • Detailed graphing of signaling with full decodes
  • Detailed jitter and packet loss graphs
  • Automatic identification of all VoIP calls in a capture file