TechComplete Home Certification Testing Solution

Empowers cable operators to increase customer satisfaction by utilizing customized, automated testing procedures to significantly reduce repeat service calls and increase productivity.

With the VIAVI TechComplete Home Certification Testing Solution, the DSAM family of test instruments is able to provide electronic methods and procedures that automate home certification testing on the instrument, reduce capital expenditures, and eliminate costly rework. Results are uploaded remotely over the existing RF plant's DOCSIS® channel to a central, management-accessible results database. By enforcing consistent and clear procedures for home certification testing, uploading results immediately to a central database, integrating test results with work order detail, and providing reports on the test data, operators can significantly reduce their repeat service call rates. This saves valuable time and money as well as proactively establishes a repeatable quality work process. In addition, it also improves customer satisfaction by ensuring that the service call is done correctly the first time. When combining the DSAM Home Certification option in conjunction with TechComplete Test Productivity Pack (TPP)software, a complete end-to-end solution is attained.


  • Automates test procedures on instruments.
  • Provides value-added reports for the analysis of data.
  • Helps reduce repeat service calls by "facilitating" a process for the technician to perform a comprehensive and consistent process for each job, every time, verified by test data.
  • Automates integration of test data into an existing work order management system. It requires no manual intervention.
  • Creates a system-wide standard for initiating and interpreting test results.
  • Results in standards and consistent procedures that ensure quality based on quantitative test data.
  • Central repository for test data provides management reports, trends for data analysis, efficiency of the technician, and productivity.


  • Reduce failure frequency and repeat dispatch visits due to misprovisioning or improper testing.
  • Increase compliance to rigorous test standards.
  • Improve efficiency of customer care, dispatch, and NOC workforces.
  • Meet regulatory requirements.
  • Improve time-to-repair and decrease service downtime rebates.
  • Improve productivity by provisioning new services quickly and accurately.
  • Lower training costs by bringing automation and consistent test procedures to the instrument.
  • Easy access to test data by the creation of a central repository for test data that provides management reports and trends for data analysis.
  • Create a system-wide standard for initiating and interpreting test results.

Key Features

  • Works in conjunction with the DSAM family of test instruments and TechComplete Test Productivity Pack (TPP)software.
  • Integrates with your workforce management/billing system.
  • Automates the process for the technician so that it is simple and easy to follow.
  • Enforces the test in the instrument while ensuring that each installation and service call is done right the first time, with proper performance margins tested and recorded.
  • Establishes the test parameters and criteria from a central location so that consistency is maintained.
  • Establishes clear and standard test procedures that all technicians must adhere to before a call can be completed.