WorkBench (Discontinued)

Configuration Software

Software for the 860 DSP, 860 DSPi, 860 DSPh, and 860 DSPr analyzers and 8300 FST Forward SpeedSweep Transmitter.

WorkBench Software for 860 DSP and 860 DSPi make it easy to support and upgrade features of the 860 DSPi series of analyzers.

  • Simplifies 860 DSP inventory management
  • Stores measurement results
  • Makes firmware updates easier, resulting in improved accuracy and productivity
  • Enables configuration of 860 units, including channel plans and automated tests – ensuring consistency in measurement procedures
  • Optional VIAVIData Manager component provides communication link with 860 units in field

Manage, configure and update your 860 field analyzers with ease
WorkBench is a Windows-based, Web-linked software application with an intuitive PC graphical user interface, WorkBench makes it easy to support, expand and update/upgrade the features of the VIAVI 860 DSP860 DSPi860 DSPh, and 860 DSPr analyzers and 8300 FST Forward SpeedSweep Transmitter.

The WorkBench software also helps you manage your 860 inventory, to make sure all techs are working with the same features, channel plans and test processes. It also lets you quickly and easily download optional 860 performance features and install/configure them at your convenience.

There are three different version of the WorkBench software to choose from:

WorkBench Lite
Free Configuration Starter Software used to facilitate custom configurations including Channel Plans, Auto Tests, and Firmware Updates. Includes a 30-day evaluation period for the advanced datalog analysis features of WorkBench. Easily upgradeable over the phone to a full version of WorkBench whenever the need arises.

Includes all of the same features of WorkBench Lite plus additional advanced datalog analysis features including; Retrieval, Display, Graphing, and Export of technical data via the meter’s Ethernet port, or serially with the included Data Cable (I/O-14).

WorkBench with TDM Component
Includes the WorkBench Software with TDM Component Software for uploading and downloading information to a TDM server.