JDSU Announces 2013 Tech Trends

Milpitas, California, January 15, 2013 – JDSU (NASDAQ: JDSU and TSX: JDU) today launched its 2013 view of technology trends with a video that premiered on the company website. The dynamic video depicts a variety of emerging applications that illustrate how communications and other technologies continue to become a more integrated and personalized part of the way people around the world function in both their personal and work lives.

Key technology trends identified by JDSU include:

  • Implementation of faster and more agile networks. JDSU provides leading optical and communications test solutions critical to new Self-Aware and 4G LTE networks that support a variety of devices such as smart phones, tablets and emerging wearable computing solutions like interactive eyewear and biometric wristbands.
  • Rise of cloud-based solutions for improved network intelligence. JDSU communications test solutions are helping service providers gain a clearer picturing of what is happening in the network so that they can optimize how their networks function and provide fast and targeted service to mobile and connected users.
  • Advances in gesture recognition technology. Applications like gesture recognition are evolving to further simplify the way people interact with technology and with each other around the world. JDSU provides key optical technology for gesture recognition systems that are beginning to be introduced in areas like gaming, entertainment, and personal and mobile computing.
  • Development of smaller, more-portable, and lower-cost analytical devices. Sophisticated analytical equipment is getting smaller and more portable, allowing people to rapidly detect unknown materials in more places.
  • Creation of smaller and smarter mobile devices. JDSU provides laser systems that help shape silicon chips and small parts during the manufacturing of many new consumer electronics  products coming to market today.

“JDSU’s view of Tech Trends this year shows how technology is no longer separate from us, it is truly a part of who we are,” said Jim Monroe, vice president of Corporate Marketing and Communications at JDSU. “At JDSU, we are proud to deliver many innovative and impactful technologies that help to improve the quality of how people work, communicate and play around the world.”

JDSU Tech Trends 2013 Online Survey
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