VIAVI Introduces Simplified Service Activation and Troubleshooting

OLP-88 TruePON tester transforms GPON network testing

February 9, 2016 — Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network rollouts continue at a staggering pace to meet the explosive growth in consumer-bandwidth demand. The current approach of PON on-site testing is based on power level measurements of individual upstream and downstream signals with a PON power meter. However, service providers and their subcontractors face GPON service activation and customer service degradation challenges that cannot be solved with traditional fiber test tools. VIAVI Solutions® has been working closely with service providers across the world to understand their challenges and bring PON testing to the next level.

The innovative OLP-88 TruePON tester uses a new technology that enables GPON data analysis for faster and error-free GPON service activation and advanced troubleshooting. The OLP-88 TruePON tester:

  • Simplifies ONT provisioning with GPON ONT activation process verification
  • Speeds-up service activation with all relevant information extracted directly from data carried in the GPON signals (ONT serial number, OLT-ID, PON signal power levels and thresholds)
  • Facilitates service recovery with rogue or alien ONU identifications that degrade or disable customer services
  • Drives best practices with automated pass/fail fiber end-face analysis

Use Case — When subcontractors install and activate ONU/ONT service for hundreds of customer turn-ups, fast, simple, and error-free FTTH provisioning is mandatory. The OLP-88 TruePON tester with GPON analysis verifies the activation status of the ONU/ONT, identifies the OLT-ID, performs a fully automated power level and insertion loss certification, and extracts the ONU/ONT serial number for automatic allocation of test results to a customer service contract. With the OLP-88 TruePON tester, you’ll achieve 50% faster and 100% error–free FTTH customer turn-ups.

For more information about the OLP-88 TruePON tester, visit our website.

See this innovative GPON tester at work at the FTTH Conference (Luxembourg, February 16 – 18, booth B44).