VIAVI Releases the Popular WiFi Advisor™ on the Android Platform

Helps install and troubleshoot resilient home WiFi networks

April 18, 2016 — VIAVI Solutions®, the industry's leading access and cable test solutions provider, announced the release of the WiFi Advisor host application on the Android operating system. The WiFi Advisor is also integrated with the OneExpert DSL and OneExpert CATV product line. The WiFi Advisor lets network operators optimize the placement of customer access points (APs) to accelerate installation and troubleshooting and to optimize customer QoE. It also helps deliver managed WiFi services, and helps optimize video service over WiFi such as IPTV.

Optimize your test investment with flexible WiFi Advisor architecture:

  • Control a single WiFi Advisor from your OneExpert for BSSID, spectral, and channel view testing. Host the WiFi Advisor application and reports on the OneExpert.
  • Conduct two-ended site assessment testing with a single WiFi Advisor, a tablet,
    and your OneExpert or a tablet and two WFEDs. Use the Apple iOS or the Android operating system on your existing tablet.
  • Control one or multiple WFEDs from an iOS or Android tablet for all WiFi Advisor applications.

Key Benefits

  • Improves QoE, reduces trouble calls and repeats
  • Optimize a WiFi network in as few as five minutes
  • Smart Channel Wizard summarizes WiFi KPIs with real-time guided troubleshooting
  • Assesses a wide range of end-user devices for 802.11 standards and utilization
  • Educates customers about true performance

Key Features and Applications

  • Intuitive and easy user interface recommends best channel and optimization steps
  • Enables TrueMargin™ throughput, capacity, utilization, and noise analysis
  • Highly-configurable radio supports 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n and 5 GHz 802.11a/n/ac up to 3x3 with MIMO
  • Associates job- or work-ticket information for export to the cloud for storage and analysis
  • Smart Channel Wizard
  • WiFi troubleshooting and optimization, BSSID, channel and spectral views
  • Whole-home WiFi performance mapping and throughput analysis