Improve Technician and Instrument Efficiency with Cloud Asset and Test Data Management

StrataSync Core and StrataSync Plus offer a flexible new way to leverage the benefits of cloud-enabled and cloud-supported instruments.

September 29, 2016 — VIAVI Solutions® introduces StrataSync Core and StrataSync Plus for centralized asset and test data management. Leveraging the original StrataSync platform, StrataSync Core provides operators, contractors, and technicians with a zero-cost solution for instrument management, including a new technician-focused TechPortal allowing techs to manage their individual instruments’ firmware and software licenses/options. StrataSync Plus provides all of the StrataSync Core capabilities and is enhanced with longer term test data storage and support for organizational structure import/admin and advanced report generation.


  • Cloud-enabled architecture provides easy network access, unmatched scalability, and high availability
  • No annual subscription for StrataSync Core
  • Simplified instrument management with TechPortal — ensures instruments are up-to-date with latest firmware, licenses, and options
  • Manages both direct and contractor workforces with a single platform
  • Reduces OpEx — improves first-dispatch success rates and lowers instrument management overhead
StrataSync Core & StrataSync Plus with TechPortal

Use Case:

Use to improve operational efficiencies and drive consistency and repeatability of testing for both direct and contractor workforces. Offers centralized management of instrument assets, configurations, firmware versions, software licenses/options, and test data results.