New Software Release delivers best-in-class accuracy for timing and synchronization testing

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October 26, 2016 — VIAVI is pleased to announce feature updates to the T-BERD®/MTS 5800 with Timing Expansion Module (TEM) that improve the ability of mobile operators to test timing and synchronization in their LTE Advanced networks.  This module can be upgraded in the field and delivers superior holdover and temperature performance.

  • Dual Port test enables users to perform two independent tests at the same time enabling field technicians to troubleshoot boundary clocks by injecting a signal slave port and analyzing the signal on the outgoing master port. Customers can also use the dual test capability to analyze the performance of a Telecom Slave Clock by injecting a PTP signal on the input port and analyzing the wander of the 1pps output signal.
  • 10GE 1588v2 (PTP) supports troubleshooting timing and synchronization problems at aggregation points of the network.
  • Dual-port 1GE PTP monitor allows for the non-intrusive analysis of PTP slaves-to-master and master-to-slave delay including cTE, dTE and max|TE| measurements
  • PTP Wander analysis masks per G.8271.1 were added to support the measurement of dTE
  • G.811 mask for SyncE Wander Analysis to support measurement of Primary Rate Clocks
  • 1 PPS Wander analysis is now supported on the Timing Module (TEM) with improved accuracy of <10ns. These features enable precise calibration and troubleshooting of 1 PPS interfaces on transparent/boundary and slave clocks.

Use Case

In addition to integrated Wander analysis functions, users can now export PTP test data for Wander analysis on a PC. The PC Wander Analysis tool delivers additional tests to verify the proper function of network equipment including RTIE, MRTIE, MADEV, ADEV, FFO, and FFD.

Make sure to download the latest software to take advantage of these new features at no charge. Please contact your VIAVI representative if you have questions.

To learn more: The TBERD/MTS 5800 and TEM module are part of VIAVI’s leading multi-protocol network test portfolio.