VIAVI introduces new, high-power module for 4100 series OTDRs operating at the highest dynamic range and most compact size available today

Improve install reliability, service quality and reduce early-life fails

December 6, 2016 — VIAVI introduces the new MP2 OTDR module for its T-BERD/MTS-2000, -4000 and -5800 platforms. The product represents a leap forward in OTDR performance delivering the highest dynamic range (45dB) while combining class-leading dead zone performance with built-in light source and optional power meter in the industry’s most compact form factor.

The MP2 OTDR is ideal for characterizing long-haul metro fiber networks and for core fiber network upgrades to 10, 40 and 100Gb/s.

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  • Improved fiber handling process — light source and power meter integrated via OTDR port
  • Lightweight and compact form factor — dual/tri-wavelength versions
  • Cost optimized for long-haul and metropolitan networks
  • Supports OptiPulses (multi-pulse acquisition) & Smart Link Mapper Apps (icon based trace results)

Use Case:
Technicians and installers have to cover a large range of applications from short fiber run in the access network to very long-haul network between central offices, this can now be covered with a single OTDR to install, deploy and maintain all type of fiber networks. Having the light source, power meter and OTDR functions available via a single port means they employ better fiber handling practices and can seamlessly move between optic loss testing to OTDR testing for characterizing links, splices and connectors or detection of issues such as bends, breaks or excessive losses. In addition the Optipulse feature enables quick segmentation of inside central office issues verses outside plant issues.

Please visit our website for more on the 4100 series MP2 module capabilities or contact your local VIAVI representative.