Monitor The Effectiveness Of Your Direct and Contractor Workforce

Easily trend timeliness and success rates for tech and contractor work orders, quickly identify and address deficiencies with StrataSync workflow/compliance tracking.

August 8, 2017 — VIAVI Solutions introduces Workflow/Compliance tracking in StrataSync 7.0. When work orders are not completed on time or pass rates fall below an acceptable level, the result is often customer dissatisfaction and increased costs due to repeat truck rolls. With StrataSync Workflow/Compliance, service providers can easily track work orders assigned, completed, and passed/failed for individual technicians or contractors.


Automated reporting greatly simplifies comparing performance across regions or contractor companies. By spotting low performers quickly, the root cause issues can be addressed to minimize future delays and rework. This exciting new addition is just one more example of how StrataSync enables significant efficiency gains for organizations using VIAVI instruments.


  • Automated tracking of work orders assigned, completed, and pass/fail percentages
  • Spot trends and issues like incorrect test configurations/limits causing expensive false fails
  • Finally objectively compare workgroup performance internal vs. external, across regions, etc.
  • Manage contractors and internal technicians using a common system
  • Single centrally-accessible cloud-based application

Use Case:

Track work order compliance for direct and indirect workforce. Trend data and compare performance to identify areas for improvement, guide contractor selection, and merit/incentive uses.

For more information on StrataSync, visit our website or contact your local VIAVI representative.