NetProbe Wayside

Continuously monitor and troubleshoot end-to-end ERTMS trackside telecoms, signalling and interlocking systems


  • Must-have technology to monitor and troubleshoot GSM-R/ETCS networks
  • Investigate telecom and signalling statuses and issues easily
  • Collect data in real-time along the track, from a wide variety of vendors’ network infrastructure and train equipment
  • Process and analyze true end-to-end ERTMS transactions, from GSM-R, ERTMS and Interlocking (IXL) networks
  • A high focus on interoperability
  • Scalable, flexible, reliable and extremely easy to maintain
  • True real-time support for a wide variety of urgent issues
  • Data correlation and embedded full protocol layout and decoding, to automate time-consuming procedures
  • Centralized view combines the best features for operators of any size
  • Includes all the features peculiar to GSM-R & rail telecoms/ETCS technology requirements, such as GSM-R mobile support, UIC testing methodologies, geo-location measurements in tunnels and more

Collect data in real-time along the track
Our range of services and technology enable customers to collect, compile, analyze and investigate telecom and signalling statuses and issues. Using scanners, responder units and other passive monitoring hardware, NetProbe Wayside enables signalling data streams from the trackside and onboard units to be collected in real-time from a wide variety of networks and train equipment.

The powerful software tools are then used to compile, collate and analyze the data. Our solutions are all supplied with appropriate training, support and maintenance packages tailored to meet different client operational processes and environments.

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