Repair & Calibration

VIAVI Solutions is a single-source supplier for all of your factory and on-site test equipment repair, maintenance, and calibration service needs.


We offer return-to-factory, fixed-rate repair services for all VIAVI test equipment. Fixed-rate repair provides the best turnaround time, streamlining the overall repair process and creating a very predictable and reliable repair experience at the best pricing.

Our technicians ensure that your equipment is functioning properly by completing any maintenance and install enhancements,  including engineering change notice updates.


Keeping your equipment in top-running shape with factory or onsite calibration services helps ensure your network will continue to operate at peak performance. A variety of options allow you to manage the logistics of calibrating your equipment, while maximizing your maintenance investment. Performing regular calibration of equipment ensures the accuracy of its measurements. Improper calibration, however can compromise a network and impact services.  

Learn more about our VIAVI Care Support Plans, which provide comprehensive coverage for your equipment.

On-Site Calibration

Performing regular calibration of equipment ensures the accuracy its measurements. While improper calibration can compromise a network and impact services. Keep your equipment in top-running shape with VIAVI On-site Services that help to ensure your network continues to operate at peak performance. It's the most cost-efficient and effective way to maintain equipment on a timetable that meets your requirements.

    How to Return Merchandise for Repair and/or Calibration

    Please complete the following form to obtain authorization prior to shipping your instrument to VIAVI for repair or calibration. Do not ship the equipment until you receive the Return Authorization (RA) number from VIAVI. You may use this number to track your equipment during repair, calibration, or upgrade.

    Submit a Return Material Authorization (RMA) Request.

    For further information or for assistance during your request process, please contact Customer Support.

    Calibration Programs for Avionics and Radio Test Products

    VIAVI offers two calibrations:

    • Standard Calibration which tests all parameters of the instrument for optimal measurements.
    • ANSI Z540-1 Calibration which tests all parameters of the instrument for optimal measurements with Pre and Post data readings.

    To help maintain calibrations and repairs, Service contracts are available at a discounted price through VIAVI. If you are interested in a Service Contract for any of your units please contact (800) 835-2350. To return this instrument for Service please request a Return Authorization by contacting (800) 835-2350 or by visiting Request an RMA

    Avionics & Radio Test Metrology - Calibration Policy

    We are an industry leader in our core business has always been cognizant that calibration of product plays a critical role in all aspects of the product design, manufacture, inspection, test processes and in turn the production of quality products, service, and support for our customers. Click here for more information.

    Find calibration intervals

    Enter your Model Number and click Apply to find the proper calibration interval for your unit.