VIAVI Introduces the OneExpert CATV Signal Analysis Meter

Maximize technician productivity with simplicity, speed, and power

September 30, 2015 — VIAVI Solutions today announced the next generation of HFC handhelds: OneExpert CATV, providing a new industry benchmark that helps field technicians fix problems right—the first time. A multi-touch, user-friendly interface with OneCheck™ automated testing eases complex tasks with a simple dashboard that displays clear pass/fail results. OneExpert CATV lets you increase customer satisfaction with fewer repeat service calls—and speed new service deployments.

With a range of unique and industry-leading capabilities, OneExpert is:

Simple — every tech is an expert

  • Intuitive dashboard simplifies test result analysis
  • Built-in expertise: Session Expert™ helps techs identify and fix issues
  • No need to build a channel plan: channels are identified in real-time, automatically
  • Connects to the cloud, quickly and easily, ensuring tech conformity via StrataSync™

Fast — testing and troubleshooting is faster than ever

  • Full downstream scan including MER/BER in about 60 seconds
  • Ingress and downstream testing performed simultaneously
  • 15x more downstream coverage in half the time of current generation meters

Powerful — get the most from your investment

  • 32x8 DOCSIS, Wi-Fi, fiber optic, Ethernet 1 G capable — an industry first!
  • Network-expansion-ready with automatically switching dual diplexers to support 42/85 or 65/85 MHz networks
  • Future-proof modularity ensures years of use supporting cable television and home networks


Fast and comprehensive video, DOCSIS, and ingress service testing with DuoPort™ and PosiScan™ saves time and ensures proper ingress scans; segment service issues between the tap, ground block, and CPE; identify and fix intermittent issues related to QAM carriers and the home network; verify WiFi signal strength and availability in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks; turn-up and troubleshoot business services; test gigabit services with TrueSpeed™; and, install and troubleshoot PON and RFOG, including inspection, power levels, and RF performance.

For more information on OneExpert CATV, visit the website or talk to your VIAVI representative.