MAP Utility (Discontinued)

Cassette that simplifies mechanical integration of passive optical components for test sets.

This product has been discontinued.

This product has been discontinued

Please consider this product instead:

The Multiple Application Platform (MAP) Utility (mUTL-A1) is optimized for the industry-leading VIAVI MAP-200 platform. Based on the previous-generation MAP, the MAP-200 is the first photonic layer lab and manufacturing platform that is LAN Extensions for Instrumentation (LXI)-compliant by conforming to the required physical attributes, Ethernet connectivity, and interchangeable virtual instrument (IVI) drivers. The MAP-200 platform is optimized for density and maximum configurability to meet specific application requirements in the smallest possible foot print.

The MAP Utility is designed to simplify the mechanical integration of passive optical components for test sets. It supports angle or flat polish connectors as well as single-mode (SM) and multimode (MM) fibers.

A blank MAP Utility cassette is available for mechanical mounting of components such as isolators, circulators or fixed attenuators. The cassettes are supplied with mounting hardware and ten bulkhead adapters for ease-of-integration.

Key Features

  • Coupling, splitting and mux/demux functionality in a robust package
  • Supports single-mode and multimode fibers
  • User-defined configurability
  • Ideal for individual lane testing on WDM signals for 100GE and 40GE applications

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