4914, 4916, 4918 Antenna Couplers (Discontinued)

4914 Antenna Coupler now enables users to reliably and safely test different hand-portable radios in few steps only.

4914, 4916, 4918 Antenna Couplers 4914, 4916, 4918 Antenna Couplers 4914, 4916, 4918 Antenna Couplers


The 4914 Antenna Coupler features:

  • Easy to use – no complicated wiring and handling
  • Unique moving shuttle ensures best coupling position
  • High repeatability using snap-in (preset) positions
  • Optimized for use with the 4921 RF Shield
  • 4914 Antenna Coupler Package includes cable to connect to the radio test sets
  • One radio frequency adapter for all PMR radio terminals and CDMA 450 phones
  • Easy handling
  • High repeatability using 25 snap-in (preset) positions to accurately position the unit under test in the sweet spot
  • Low coupling loss with most radio terminals
  • Frequency range from 350 to 495 MHz

The 4916 Antenna Coupler features:

  • LTE ready solution for all mobile phone types
  • Wide frequency range from 700 MHz to 2.7 GHz
  • Precise results with excellent RF match (VSWR < 2.0)
  • Unique moving shuttle ensures best coupling position (sweet spot)
  • Mobiles in best sweet spot have good coupling values, flat frequency response and high repeatability in measured results
  • High repeatability using five snap-in (preset) positions as they are accurately repositioned in the sweet spot
  • Replaceable shuttle for standard, large and unique sized phones (e.g. PDA phones, modules)
  • Options for wireless data cards and PDAs available
  • Works on all polarization radiated from flat built-in antennas (vertical, diagonal, horizontal)

The 4918 Broadband Antenna Features:

  • Extended frequency range up to 6 GHz
  • Precise results with further optimized RF match
  • Excellent coupling values for all kind of devices
  • High repeatability using sliders
  • Usable for high transmission power
  • Unchanged physical dimensions allows reuse of existing shuttles and RF Shields