NEON Signal Mapper

Signal mapping to provide complete critical in-building coverage.

Neon Grid NEON® Signal Mapper NEON Signal Mapper NEON® Signal Mapper NEON Signal Mapper

The VIAVI NEON® Signal Mapper automates the geo-referencing, cloud storage, and 3D visualization of LMR test data for technicians who use VIAVI test equipment to record and analyze two-way radio signals inside buildings. Using the VIAVI 3550R or 8800SX test set, the integrated NEON Signal Mapper automatically collects geo-referenced signal measurement data, saving you valuable time and money.


  • Provide continuous logging of data with a high density of data points, including within typically difficult to map stairwells, elevators, and tunnels.
  • Supports rapid analysis of signal coverage with 3D visualization and easy export of time-stamped data
  • A compare feature enables the current results to be compared with previous results. 
  • Includes report generation capability that empowers the user to quickly document the results. 
  • Combination of multiple paths enable the user to create a single 3D view of a mapped building


  • Automatically calculate indoor location and correlate with radio signal data; eliminating manual check-ins.
  • Remove data recording errors in complex buildings through automatic indoor path determination. 
  • Coverage heat maps can be visualized in two and three dimensions. 
  • Users can easily export all data collected in a iBwave format that can be opened in the iBwave Design Collection Module. 
  • Replay feature provides a playback of the walk test.