Seeker のセットアップ

Seeker 製品ファミリー用 PC ソフトウェア

これは、Seeker 製品ファミリーの漏れ検出器用 Seeker セットアップ設定ソフトウェアです。

Seeker Setup

これは、Seeker 製品ファミリーの漏れ検出器用 Seeker セットアップ設定ソフトウェアです。

Seeker セットアップソフトウェアは、漏れ周波数、デフォルト周波数、タグ周波数、ディスプレイ装置、技術 ID、メーター/トラックスケルチ、ピークホールド、距離補正、GT ノイズ識別、アンテナ補正係数、MCA ペアリング、およびファームウェア更新などの、漏れ計の設定を管理するために使用されます。


Seeker Setup PC Software with Seeker Family Data Cable

This is the Seeker Setup configuration software for the Seeker, Seeker SE, Seeker D, Seeker MCA, Seeker MCA II, Seeker MCA III, Seeker BB-2 and Seeker Lite² Leakage Detectors. The Seeker Setup Software is used to manage leakage meter configurations including; leakage frequencies, default frequency, tag frequency, display units, tech ID, meter/truck squelch, peak hold, distance correction, GT noise discrimination, antenna correction factors, MCA pairing and firmware updates.

Additionally, the software is used to manage mobile communication adapter (MCA) configurations including; display units, truck ID, vehicle shutdown timer, peak hold, early detection notification (EDN), LAW Server Upload Settings, home zone, network connections (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular & Bluetooth), GPS pass through, remote upload, fleet management and firmware updates.

All of these settings can be stored locally on the PC, which is useful if the user organization has several devices and wants to create and maintain standard configurations for all of them. Devices can be connected to the software via Ethernet, Mini USB Cable (included) or Serial Data Cable (included). The complete kit includes: Seeker Setup Software on CD, Mini USB Charge/Data Cable (I/O-20) and Seeker Lite² Data Cable (I/O-17). MINIMUM PC REQUIREMENTS: WINDOWS XP OR HIGHER (32 OR 64 BIT), PENTIUM III OR HIGHER PROCESSOR, 64 MB RAM, 100 MB FREE STORAGE SPACE, VIDEO ADAPTER & MONITOR (256 COLORS, 1024 x 768 DPI), KEYBOARD AND MOUSE.


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