802 AWE (Discontinued)

Advanced Wireless Test Set

The 802 AWE™ is a handheld wireless network test set that is designed to help identify and resolve many problems that are encountered during Wi-Fi, ZigBee, or Bluetooth wireless network deployments.

Maximize your users experience and ensure stability of your wireless networks

The 802 AWE™ wireless test set is the most cost-effective and dependable tool available for all of your advanced Wi-Fi, Zigbee & Bluetooth installation and troubleshooting needs. This device features a compact rugged design, easy-to-use color user interface and an unparalleled selection of wireless testing features.

  • Powerful all-in-one Device Designed for Troubleshooting of Wi-Fi (a/b/g/n/ac*), Ethernet (10/100), ZigBee & Bluetooth Networks
  • Easily Identify Coverage Problems, Connectivity Issues, Security Risks, Unauthorized/Failed Access Points & Clients in the 2.4 and 5 GHz Bands
  • Analyze Overlaps in Wireless Channel Broadcasts to Prevent Interference Between Wi-Fi and ZigBee Wireless Home Security & Automation Networks

As wireless networks and technologies continue to expand, the 802 AWE™ wireless network test set is designed to help identify and resolve many problems that are encountered during wireless network deployments.

The 802 AWE™ is ideal for wireless network installation or troubleshooting and features a compact rugged design, easy-to-use color user interface and built-in antenna for testing of Wi-Fi (a/b/g/n/ac*), ZigBee or Bluetooth wireless networks. The device also includes an Ethernet port for connectivity, traceroute and throughput testing through wired networks.

The 802 AWE™ is the most cost effective and dependable testing tool available for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless networks. With this indispensable partner at your side, you can ensure the quality and stability of your wireless networks while maximizing your customer's online experience.

Why Test Wireless?
Due to the expansion of wireless networks and increased customer demand, many MSOs now bundle home and public Wi-Fi into their core products. Although most customers are satisfied with their overall wireless experience, they continue to request that service providers increase coverage areas, speed up their networks, provide more bandwidth for larger files and ensure their online security for banking and private communications. 

All of these factors combined with an exponentially increasing number of wireless devices in the home, office and public spaces, makes it more likely that issues relating to increased ambient noise and interference from co-channels or overlapping carriers will arise.

Without proper installation and setup of wireless networks, user will begin to notice a decrease in service quality and reliability which may also result in an increase in repeat service calls.

How Do I Test Wireless?
What can be done to improve service quality and reliability while also decreasing the number of repeat service calls?

The best way to ensure the stability of the network as a whole is to perform a wireless site survey during installation of new systems. The 802 AWE™ can be used to help identify any problem areas such as access point placement and interfering devices before they become a problem. With this proactive testing approach, the 802 AWE wireless test set can help to decrease repeat service calls related to issues with the RF environment within the customer premises.

With the 802 AWE™ you have all of the wireless testing tools that you need to ensure a high level of service quality and continue to increase customer satisfaction.


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