MAP Passive Utility Module (mUTL)

The MAP Passive Utility Module, mUTL-C1, provides a range of passive optical devices such as couplers, splitters, Mux/Demux modules and band-pass filters to simplify the integration of these devices into automated test systems

MAP Passive Utility Module (mUTL)

The Multiple Application Platform (MAP) Passive Utility Module, mUTL-C1, is designed to simplify the mechanical integration of passive optical components into large automated test systems. A range of passive devices are available including single-mode and multimode optical couplers, Mux/Demux modules for 40G and 100G Ethernet, a quad wavelength filter for shaping ASE spectrum as well as a bulkhead-adapters only module for mechanical mounting of user supplied components. All modules are available with any of six optical connectors types.


  • Mechanically robust integration of fiber optic couplers, splitters and mux/demux components into larger integrated test environments
  • Compact design with 12 bulkhead connectors enables packaging of up to four 3-port couplers
  • Bulkhead only versions available for mounting user supplied components
  • Single-mode or multimode component options.
  • Multimode components are modally transparent
  • Ideal for individual lane testing on WDM signals on next generation Ethernet optical formats like 100GE


  • Photonic communication test automation
  • In-line tapping of signals for power and spectrum measurements
  • Power reference branches for passive component test
  • Splitting signals for parallel test applications

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