APM-424(V)5 MK XII/XIIA フライトラインテストセット

ミッションクリティカルなモード 5 IFF の実行/中止を決定する操作の検証


APM-424 MK XII/XIIA Test Sets
APM-424 MK XII/XIIA Test Sets
APM-424 MK XII/XIIA Test Sets

VIAVI APM-424(V)5 は、さまざまな航空機、地上、および船のプラットフォームに容易に対応して、トランスポンダとインテロゲーターの性能をテストします。APM-424(V)5 は、TS-4530 および APM424 レガシーテストセットへのモード 5 および ADS-B の性能と機能のアップグレードです。このユニットは、既存の手順を利用するために従来の操作を厳密に複製し、APM-424(V)5 をフィールドテストセットへの費用効果が高く、非常に正確なアップグレードが行えます。

APM-424 は 2 つの標準構成で提供:

  • APM-424(V)4 MK XII テストセット
  • APM-424(V)5 MK XIIA テストセット

APM-424(V)5 は、DoD AIMS 04-900A オプション A(KIV-78)とオプション B(KIV-77)の両方の暗号アップリケをサポートします。

GSA サプライヤーから入手可能

NSN:6625-01-583-2774(APM-424(V)5、KIV-77 アダプター付き)




  • DoD AIMS 03-1000A(変更ノート 1、2、3)Mark XIIA 認証済み
  • DoD AIMS 04-900A オプション A - KIV-78 およびオプション B - KIV-77 と SIT-2010 暗号アップリケをサポート
  • トランスポンダーテストモード 1、2、3/A、C、S(EHS/ELS)、4、モード 5(レベル 1 および 2)
  • インテロゲーターテストモード 1、2、3/A、C、S、4、モード 5、TCAS、ETCAS(レベル 1 および 2)
  • DO-260B 準拠、ADS-B Out テスト機能


  • 正確な GPS 時刻/日付の取得(GPSアンテナ、暗号化、または手動による)
  • ハンドヘルドおよびバッテリー駆動
  • 一体型 3 ボタン式の全自動で実行/中止を決定する操作
  • 自己診断
  • パラメトリックテストの結果は、レビューまたはメンテナンスログのための PC へのダウンロード用に保存可能


  • モード 5 TX/RX パルス測定
  • モード 5 スキッターデータ
  • モード 5 データ取得フォーマット 0〜23
  • TS-4542 船上インテロゲーターテスト機能
  • ADS-B Out テスト
  • KIV-77 および SIT-2010 のサポート
  • KIV-78 のサポート


Avionics Maintenance and Repair Care Plans

VIAVI offers warranty and Avionics Maintenance and Repair Care Plans that include hardware and labor costs for repair, and annual certified calibrations performed at the factory during the duration of the service contract.

Avionics Maintenance and Repair Care Plan

Repair and Calibration

Our products live in rugged environments for over 10 years with 1000s of test connect/disconnect cycles.  We will be there to support you to ensure components that require maintenance like connectors, batteries, and software updates to ensure you are ready to test accurately for years to come. We apply factory procedures that use fast, automated calibration and functional verification, maintenance using OEM parts and the application of all engineering change orders and software updates. Services are available through contract Care plans, FleetCare or per incident as requests. 

Top 4 Reasons to Choose VIAVI for Your Repair and Calibration Needs:

  • Minimize business disruption
  • Budget
  • Measurement Accuracy and Product Reliability
  • Measurement Compliance, TL9000 certification and OEM Standards

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Care Support Plan - APM-424(V)5 MK XII/A

ProductRecommended Plan (Part Number)BronzeCare
Why calibrate?
APM-424(V)5 MK XII/AAPM-424V5-5

Why calibrate this product?
What are the common issues?

Why Calibrate the product? AVX


VIAVI Solutions performs a product performance check certifying the test equipment is performing within published specifications and updates the instruments internal calibration.  The calibration ensures accuracy and proper function of the instrument including required retrofits/repairs and firmware/software updates.

VIAVI Solutions conforms to one or more of the standards listed below as applicable to their product, location, and customer requirements. In keeping with this policy, the metrology and calibration processes provide an unbroken line of traceability to nationally and / or internationally recognized standards.

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems - Requirements
  • ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 Calibration Laboratories Measuring and Test Equipment.

In addition, aviation ground support equipment (ramp or back shop), is required by the various aviation authorities around the world (including the FAA) to be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer recommendations, including calibration traceable to national standards.

What are the common issues? AVX


Tests performed with out of calibration test sets can return to service devices which are not performing to regulated specifications.

What are the most common implications of these issues to the business?

  • Inaccurate results: Calibration cycles greater than recommended may not yield accurate measurements
  • Inaccurate measurements resulting from uncalibrated tools may violate industry standards and violate regulatory body requirements
  • Tests found to be performed by an out of calibration test set can result in containment actions and unplanned rework
  • Devices calibrated on uncalibrated test sets may function improperly, cause interference issues violating government regulatory requirements, and/or damage other equipment


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