5G Service Providers

5G Service Providers
Overcome technology and field deployment challenges as you upgrade your network to the next generation.
Lab Test
Cell Site Installation and Commissioning
Assurance, Intelligence, Optimization
Interference Hunting
RAN Energy Savings
RAN Intelligence


Intelligent 5G network insights, from design to flawless operation and automation.


There will be close to five billion 5G subscriptions worldwide by 2026*. It isn't too late to turn your wireless network from good to great.

As a Communication Service Provider, you are already familiar with the challenges that can undermine the promise and monetization of 5G networks. But failure is not an option when striving to stay on time, on budget and ahead of the competition. 

At VIAVI, we open the doors for you to:

  • Accelerate time to market with no risk - be confident that the network is performant before live deployment, and move from planning to revenue-generation more quickly with lab test solutions.
  • Improve return on investment and capital - get more out of your RAN and Core assets with AI/ML to validate energy saving potential, on-demand test-as-a-service or centralized productivity tools for base station or cable technicians.
  • Manage lack of skilled workforce - our simplified workflows make everyone an expert and get technicians up to speed fast.
  • Save energy and meet sustainability imperatives - we help you get to greener network performance with RIC test and geolocated insights.

5G Solutions

Complete solutions for 5G validation, verification, and visibility

Location Intelligence

The VIAVI NITRO GEO location intelligence solutions harness the power of subscriber generated insight to transform network performance, enable detailed analytics and deliver automated network optimization.

Confidently with VIAVI, from Lab to Live 

Every physical and virtualized element of the 5G network is essential, and failure is not an option when striving to stay on time and on budget.  

The CAPEX and OPEX to support network transformation can only be safeguarded by taking a proactive and holistic approach to 5G network testing and optimization:

Step 1: validate in the lab (before deployment) that the technology works, works at scale, and achieves the performance and security levels that you expect, be it a single or multi-vendor network.
Step 2: efficiently install, activate, and maintain all RAN elements, including RF and fiber
Step 3: improve network performance and enrich the QoE by capturing, storing, and analyzing data from all subscriber events
Step 4: harness cloud platforms, open control interfaces and automation with cloud-native Asset Discovery, Inventory and Topology, Assurance and Analytics, and Fault Management.

    Discover more:

    Ensure consistency and repeatability of deployments across the RAN and core and introduce new services to market quicker and on budget.  
    Mitigate risks before installation to minimize errors and inefficiencies in the field. Network test processes in the lab foretell the impact of real-life conditions across the network to ensure subscriber QoE. The benefits of simulated real-world functionality in the lab extend to the field and throughout the 5G. With us, you can:

    • Ensure RAN and Core network elements function properly, perform optimally, and excel as part of a complete network.
    • Minimize the risk of post-launch performance and security issues with a vendor agnostic, cloud enabled, 5G lab test portfolio suited to your requirements. 
    • Get instant access to 5G experts and solutions and remove the need for equipment procurement, test script development, training, and test execution as you focus on monetizing the latest RAN and Core technologies with Test as a Service 

    As new cell towers, antennas, base stations, and small cells are installed, you want to test the connecting fiber for faults, optical loss, and contamination to ensure reliable network performance.

    The service-based architecture of the 5G Core lies at the heart of the 5G network, with application-specific network slices delivered over high-speed 400G or 800G Ethernet connections. Leveraging our extensive data center test and monitoring expertise, you can turn-up and troubleshoot Ethernet, test bit-error rates, and assure and optimize end-to-end 5G network slices.

    The ultra-high frequency millimeter wave is essential for meeting aggressive 5G NR capacity and latency requirements, but the limited range and susceptibility to propagation loss and interference contribute to 5G test challenges in the air. 

    Historically, a mobile service provider needed to use multiple devices to test for different types of interference, which was not only impractical, but also expensive. For PIM alone, engineers typically had to use a different test device per band, and had to make dangerous tower climbs to find and fix problems. To find external interference, one had to be a true expert to tackle a spectrum analyzer. 

    With a single, compact device, you can now address all three categories of interference. The OneAdvisor 800 Wireless is a complete solution that enables the consolidation of multiple test tools, but it also packs value-added features into each test category, thus making the user’s job much simpler.

    Advanced, portable antenna alignment solutions further safeguard network integrity by accurately matching antenna alignment with RF design. 

    Are you missing out on automation and optimization opportunities once the network is up and running? 

    Capture, locate, and analyze data from all subscriber events on the network, down to building accuracy. Leverage a rich source of geolocated insights for subscriber-centric visibility and optimize network performance to improve customer experience while lowering operational costs.

    By transforming network data into real world actionable events, you can leverage network analytics to unlock new revenue opportunities such as B2B verticals. 

    An additional solution for cloud-native Inventory, Service Assurance, AI & ML driven Analytics, and Network Automation improves your intelligence, end-to-end visibility, and control over your network.

    We are VIAVI

    *Statista, “5G - Statistics & Facts,” March, 2023

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