VIAVI offers the intuition, precision and performance you demand via innovative, award-winning products that simplify and accelerate high-speed network testing. 

A comprehensive portfolio of solutions for lab and production, fiber optic field testing, fiber monitoring and inspection, metro and transport networks, and optical communications.

VIAVI continues to advance state-of-the-art technology for testing next-generation network components to not only enable products to be delivered to market faster, but also to ensure peak performance throughout the network lifecycle. 

Optical Manufacturing

Introducing the mOSA-C1 for MAP-300

MAP-300 | PCT: Scaling IL/RL testing needs as production capacity grows

MAP-300 solutions that address growing need for O-band testing

High-Speed Transport

ONT XPM Module for 800G

VIAVI Vlog - ONT Product Line Overview

ONT DCO for Coherent Optics