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Do you feel lucky? Back up your security strategy with complete wire data forensics.

VIAVI Network Security Forensics

When it comes to network security, successful enterprises make their own luck.

Experts agree it’s not ‘if’ a breach happens – but ‘when’. Remember, hackers only need to get lucky once.

The organization is under siege on every front, but much of the budget is diverted toward the prevention of attacks, with very little being allocated to remediation. With one in four statistically likely to suffer a breach, smart Network Operations and Network Security teams are pooling information, tools, and resources, to add advanced threat hunting capabilities and post-event security forensics to their security strategy.

Threat hunting is gaining traction - actively searching for the enemy within, on the assumption that the network has already been compromised. Network performance monitoring tools that stitch together information from disparate traffic flow sources as well as capturing and storing wire data provide invaluable insight for identifying and troubleshooting ‘in progress’ or previous security breaches.

Download the VIAVI Report, and learn how:

  • Networking forensic tools capture an attack in progress
  • Network performance monitoring helps identify breaches across traditional, hybrid, and software-defined networks
  • To boost security strategy with threat intelligence and post-event forensic capabilities
  • Aid compliance with unedited network evidence

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"1 in 4 Enterprises Get Breached" - Ponemon Institute, 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study

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Network Performance Management for Security Intelligence: Critical for Detection and Remediation of IT Threats