Seeker D and MCA III (Discontinued)

Digital Leakage Management System

Seeker D with MCA III is a GPS-based leakage management and CATV leak detection system with a dual-band leakage detector capable of monitoring leakage within the aeronautical band or the near-LTE band in a complete digital system.

Powerful, flexible, convenient and very cost-effective — the Seeker D with MCA III System from VIAVI sets an entirely new standard for digital leakage management.

  • High Performance, GPS-Based Leakage Management System that  Accurately Monitors Leakage in All Digital Systems or Mixed Digital and Analog Systems with Unsurpassed Sensitivity from 2 uV/m to 2000 uV/m
  • Near Real-Time Vehicle Tracking via LAW, Leakage Record Upload and Remote Programming via WiFi, Ethernet, or USB
  • Optional Garmin Interface Provides Turn-by-Turn Directions to Leak Locations and Ability to Close-Out Leaks from Compatible Garmin Navigation Devices
  • Cost Effective Solution Utilizing the Majority of Existing Seeker GPS Installation and Equipment

With the Seeker D™ and Seeker MCA III along with existing Seeker analog leakage detectors, the VIAVI Seeker GPS System provides the complete leakage solution. This means no investment for special drive-out vehicles is required, and every truck in the operator’s fleet can identify leakage outbreaks with GPS precision.

Digital Leakage Detection
The VIAVI Seeker D leakage detector accurately detects and measures signal leakage within the near-LTE and aeronautical frequency bands and features and unsurpassed sensitivity from 2 to 2000 uV/m.

The Seeker D works in conjunction with the CT-4™ Channel Tagger. The CT-4 is a 1U rack mounted unit that is located in the head end that provides an uncompromising tagging solution for active analog or digital systems.

In the NAV band, the Seeker D detects the proprietary signal from the CT-4 and scales it to be similar to leakage readings taken from an analog carrier. Consequently, readings taken from the Seeker meter and Seeker D meter produce similar results in the aeronautical band.

Whether testing for leaks in both digital and analog systems, or monitoring aeronautical bands or near-LTE, Seeker D provides all of the capability to find and fix leaks quickly, accurately, and effectively.

The Seeker D leakage detector and the included mobile mount allows you to utilize your existing LAW Server, and Garmin GPS receiver, while keeping your plant technologically ready to meet tomorrow’s leakage monitoring needs.

Advanced Channel Tagging
The CT-4 can act as a traditional CT-2™ or CT-3™ and can insert proprietary tagged signals in both the aeronautical range and the near-LTE range at the same time. This feature provides the ability to detect tagged leaks and ignore untagged leaks, saving time from false alarms from signals not originating in your system.

The CT-4 eliminates the risk of affecting any adjacent digital channels by injecting an adjustable signal from 10 to 30 dBmV, targeting approximately 30 dB below the chosen digital carriers.

Next Generation Mobile Support
The Seeker MCA III offers high-performance GPS location recording and documentation when monitoring only the aeronautical bands with existing Seeker leakage detectors or monitoring both the aeronautical and near-LTE bands with the Seeker D leakage detector. This device also allows you to daisy chain the mobile mounts of the Seeker and Seeker D units together in order to log data from multiple units mounted in the same vehicle.

While driving to a location or to work, the technician leaves the Seeker in the mobile mount, where it’s connected to vehicle power, an antenna, and a GPS receiver.  The Seeker MCA III automatically monitors leakage outbreaks and records the data with a time/date stamp and the leak’s GPS location.

The operator has several options for providing the GPS receiver/antenna to link with the Seeker GPS system.  If there is no existing unit, one can be obtained from VIAVI.  If the vehicle is already equipped with a fleet management system using a GPS receiver, in many cases the Seeker GPS system can make use of it.

Uploading data records to a server can be fully automated, occurring whenever the vehicle enters a base location, via an operator-controlled Wi-Fi hotspot.

Early Detection Notifications
When a set threshold level within the Seeker has been surpassed, the Leakage Analysis Workshop™(LAW) will email an EDN (Early Detection Notification) to insure that large leaks will be identified immediately. This automatic process helps keep the technician from being distracted while driving or working.