Care Support Plans

With VIAVI Care Support Plans, you’ll gain efficiency so that every day using your instrument is a productive day.

VIAVI Care Support Plans streamline the start-up learning phase, as well as repair, calibration and loaner processes—making support costs predictable and cost-effective, while alleviating your administrative burden.

When you purchase a VIAVI Care support plan with your instrumentation, you’ll gain

  • Productivity: Facilitate rapid learning with on-demand certificate based training and priority technical application support for times when you need help when on a job.
  • Measurement Accuracy: Maintain your equipment for peak performance and accuracy with calibration that always includes, connector polishing, adjustments, and calibration to factory standards in a TL9000 facility. When you return your product to VIAVI for repair or calibration, software and firmware is updated to the right version to take advantage of enhancements and fixes and easy access to certificates in StrataSync for compliance.
  • High Availability: Schedule an express loaner when service is needed which also includes replacement of worn out batteries, bags and accessories with 5 year MaxCare plans.  No need to have a down day without a test tools or to pursue a rental!
  • On Budget with Good ROI: Service at a low, bundled cost for up to 5 years with the lowest total cost of ownership with exclusive priority benefits that are not available to customers without a support plan, such as 5 day repair turnaround.  VIAVI Care plans save you between 40-65% of the value of a la carte services and accessory replacements.
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VIAVI Care Support

Technical AssistancePremiumPremiumPremiumPremiumPremium
Factory Repair

Standard Services + Customized Menu:
 Onsite Calibration and Training, FAE days,
Custom Engineering or Software Subscriptions

Priority Service
Self-paced Training

5 Year Battery and Bag Coverage *

Factory Calibration 

Accessory Coverage

Express Loaner  

* 5-year plans only