VIAVI offers technical training on-site at your location or for individuals and small groups at a VIAVI-specified location. VIAVI also offers training delivery via Virtual Classrooms for individuals/teams that cannot travel to attend training. Courses encompass technology and applications for specific technologies or products.

  • On-Site Training and Virtual Classroom

    VIAVI provides on-site technical or product training for up to eight students at a customer-specified location. Courses encompass technology and applications as required for specific technologies or products. Instructors can tailor discussions for specific applications. Technicians can learn in their own environment, often enabling them to apply the knowledge more quickly.

    VIAVI On-Site Training experts can:

    • Tailor classes to meet specific topic requests
    • Provide insight into technology and testing applications
    • Develop hands-on activities to create a practical environment for learning about the technology and products
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    VIAVI Virtual Classroom

    Most on-site courses also have a virtual classroom (VC) delivery option, where VIAVI delivers live technical and product e-training online through its Virtual Classroom. VIAVI VC courses enable you to participate in the session from your desktop, just as you would in a physical classroom. You can raise your hand, ask questions, and interact with the instructor and other students.  Courses offered through Virtual Classrooms provide same content and learning objectives as with the on-site version.  

    VIAVI offers classes for both the general public (open enrollment) and individual companies.

  • Self-Paced Training

    VIAVI offers self-paced technical and product training as a flexible, efficient, and cost-effective training delivery option. Self-paced training offers a flexible training option for small groups of employees or those located remotely or in multiple locations. It’s an ideal training solution for instructing technicians who work in the field and cannot attend on-site classes.

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  • Certifications

    Validating the technical knowledge gained through a VIAVI-certified course that provides tangible proof of mastering the subject. Earning a VIAVI Career Certification will show that you understand the fundamental technologies, test applications, and industry-proven methods and procedures to properly test communications networks. VIAVI offers intense multi-day certification courses that require students to pass both written and lab exams to achieve certification.

    VIAVI provides Career Certifications for Public Courses offered throughout North America or through courses delivered on site and tested at your location.

  • Workshops

    VIAVI offers workshop training to reduce costs and time commitments and maximize both Internet study and on-site training to educate users about products and technology. Students participate in the Virtual Classroom first to gain understanding of the technology and its application prior to on-site portion where the instructor leads hands-on exercises to teach the remaining application portions and product training. This approach minimizes travel time and dedication of entire days to training.

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  • On-the-Job Training

    VIAVI offers technical and product on-the-job training to supplement on-site training. Instructors work with technicians to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in class. Instructors can suggest adjustments or changes based on the nuances of your network or work environment. 

    VIAVI On-the-Job Training:

    • Provides VIAVI professionals to work with you and your equipment to meet your needs
    • Augments on-site training courses
    • Provides collaborative resolution to problems for the best experience available

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