VIAVI Solutions Expands SmartClass Fiber Family with OLTS-85/85P

Solution Enables the Fastest and Easiest Way to Tier-1 Fiber Certification

September 22, 2015 — The move from gigabit Ethernet to 10G, to 40G, and now 100G has led to evolving standards and less margin for error when working with physical media. Fiber is increasingly the physical media of choice to support these higher data rates. Once deployed, properly testing and certifying the installed fiber infrastructure is the only way to ensure it will support these high-speed applications. Current fiber testing standards require not just loss and length measurements, they also require the fiber end-faces be inspected in accordance to IEC 61300-3-35.

The new OLTS-85P addresses these issues directly. This latest addition to the SmartClass Fiber family combines industry-standard tier-1 fiber certification with the most advanced end-face inspection available. Supporting the P5000i digital inspection probe microscope for bulkhead inspection, having an integrated patch cord microscope for test reference cord inspection, and providing this functionality at both the local and remote ends, the OLTS-85P is the first product to allow installers and technicians to meet the requirements of structured cabling standards without wasting valuable time.

The VIAVI OLTS-85/85P handhelds provide ultimate flexibility and performance from a powerful, easy-to-use Tier 1 fiber test solution that can instantly turn any user into a fiber-smart technician. Cut testing and certification time in half and give customers confidence in their network quality at the push of a button with the SmartClass Fiber OLTS-85/85P.

OLTS-85 highlights

  • Comprehensive Tier 1 certification in half the steps of other tools
  • Integrated fiber end face certification to industry standards or customer specifications
  • Full user control at BOTH local AND remote ends
  • Shared archiving between Local & Remote units
  • SM, MM, and Quad versions
  • Certification reporting with FiberChekPRO™

Use Case: When installing fiber or performing moves, adds and changes in an enterprise or datacenter environment, certification is the only way to ensure that the infrastructure can support the needs of the application. Furthermore, maintaining best practices and workflow efficiency are essential to getting the job done correctly and on time. The OLTS-85 gives technicians an enterprise specific solution with all the capabilities needed for Tier 1 and endface certification in a fast and easy solution that can turn any user into a fiber expert.

For more information about the new OLTS-85 and our whole family of SmartClass products, visit our website.