JDSU Earns 'Vendor of the Year' Honors – Butler & Ireland

“In 2014 (JDSU) brought new innovative solutions to the market place alongside technical and commercial support that simply was world-class…our JDSU colleagues were quite simply fantastic,” Aaron Joyce, Group Business Development Director for Butler Trans
Just a couple weeks removed from St. Patrick’s Day, thought it was time to share the good news. We experienced a bit of Erin Go Braugh recently (Ireland forever!) Or, put another way, Luck o’ the Irish came our way.  
A key partner for us to help create an effective, first-rate sales footprint in Ireland is Butler Group.  Butler has a great history - since 1997 they have provided secure communications, test and measurement systems and components to communications and electronic sectors.
To give an idea of how well we collaborate with Butler Transtest, they recently selected JDSU as Vendor of the Year!  
Butler held a dinner event to present the award at Beckett’s Hotel in Lucan near Dublin.  The hotel is the former family home of Samuel Becket the Irish author, poet and Nobel literature laureate.  That’s good company!  Author’s note: I am from a long line of Byrne family from County Cork, who traveled from Ireland to Baltimore, Maryland where the Tylor’s eventually rooted in the DC-area.
Andy Seath, JDSU Channel Sales Manager for UK, Ireland, Nordics and Israel let me know all about the award. And, we get perspective from Aaron Joyce, Butler’s Group Business Development Director.
Congratulations on winning Vendor of the Year.  How long has JDSU worked with Butler Transtest?
JDSU has worked with Butler Transtest since 1998, 17-years. 

What product lines do they help to sell – what are the typical challenges we’re helping to resolve?
JDSU does not have an in country presence in Ireland, so Butler is essentially JDSU Ireland. They represent almost all of the product lines from portables to systems. Over the years, they have grown incrementally adding new lines, technologies and offerings to best serve the Irish market. Their strong technical capability, close local relationships and well-deserved reputation as a trusted advisor add tremendous value to the JDSU world class portfolio.
What are the big communications trends in Ireland where our network and service enablement solutions are gaining traction?   
The deployment of fiber broadband networks in addition to the deployment of LTE/4G are big drivers of communications activities in Ireland presently, as is the proliferation of datacenters and  from  many of the world’s leading global software and internet companies. 
How is the Irish communications market overall from your perspective?
Very positive – the Irish market suffered during the recent economic difficulties, but the investment in communications infrastructure has continued, and the pace only appears to be quickening. There are many challenges for operators.  JDSU in partnership with Butler Transtest help operators with network agility and capability, delivering important improvements such as greater broadband speeds or faster delivery of services via fixed and mobile networks. 
Now Aaron Joyce, Group Business Development Director for Butler Transtest, thanks for your time. Some questions for you.
JDSU is very proud to have been selected as “Vendor of the Year.”  How did Butler Transtest go about evaluating vendor of the year honors?  How many other vendors were in the running?
Butler Transtest represents a number of global high quality companies selling into the Irish marketplace. Every year we short-list our vendors, or partners as we like to call them. We use set criteria including: responsiveness, innovation, ease of doing business, support structures, competitiveness, quality of offerings. 
What were some of the reasons for selecting JDSU? 
JDSU has continuously scored very well year-on-year, however in 2014 they brought new innovative solutions to the market place with technical and commercial support that simply was world-class. When we had to meet customer deadlines, with solutions that worked first-time and delivered real business benefits, our JDSU colleagues were quite simply fantastic. 
What are some of the big communications trends in Ireland where test and measurement solutions are playing a role?
We have seen significant growth in fiber infrastructure (FTTx), the location and expansion of a number of large-scale datacentres, alongside significant mobile network upgrades and mergers. We are delivering innovative new solutions for service activation and performance monitoring across networks. Our customers in Ireland are demanding Customer Experience Assurance solutions that are scalable and cost effective – and, JDSU’s xSIGHT™ platform puts us in prime position to leverage this exciting opportunity.