Automated Interference Hunting Gets Even Easier with Enhanced VIAVI InterferenceAdvisor

July 17, 2017 — VIAVI Solutions today announced enhancements to its InterferenceAdvisor solution that will further simplify the process of interference hunting, especially for LTE-TDD networks. The updates also will make it even more cost effective for service providers to troubleshoot interference issues with fewer resources. Efficiently identifying and isolating sources of interference is an ongoing challenge for service providers. In response, VIAVI continues to work with operators to make interference hunting as easy and efficient as possible.


Key Enhancements and Benefits

  • Gated Sweep Control and Display: Uplink interference detection in LTE-TDD can be difficult due to its bursty spectrum response. With the new gated sweep control and display feature, technicians can easily identify uplink interference issues.
  • Flexible Connectivity: Additional connectivity options between the Android tablet and VIAVI CellAdvisor™, such as a standard USB Type A to Type B cable and an on-the-go (OTG) cable, along with the existing WiFi capability, mean that technicians will no longer need to have a stable RF test environment for continuous spectrum measurements.
  • Flexible Licensing: With the new flexible licensing option, one Android tablet running EagleEye software can connect to different VIAVI CellAdvisor units, allowing service provider field teams to share the Android tablet between multiple technicians.
  • Expanded Support for Band Pass Filters: As LTE deployment expands into new RF bands, so does the need for troubleshooting interference on those bands. By expanding the support on new bands for band pass filters, InterferenceAdvisor allows service providers to easily identify interference on those new bands.

InterferenceAdvisor is easy to set up, and allows one engineer to quickly and easily identify interference sources, even in an urban environment. Due to its simple setup, there is a low training cost, which significantly reduces total cost of ownership. With the latest enhancements to InterferenceAdvisor, VIAVI has made the often-arduous process of interference hunting even simpler and more cost effective.