VIAVI Solutions Introduces the VIAVI Instrument Programming Tool (VIP Tool™)

Identify the task, develop the script, define the report…Let the VIP Tool do the rest!

As radio systems have become more advanced, technicians are being asked to do more than ever.  The new VIAVI Instrument Programming Tool (VIP Tool) is here to help reduce your workload.

VIP Tool

The VIP Tool helps you easily create custom automated test procedures. Programming experience is no longer necessary to write your own test scripts. Technicians of all skill levels can use the VIP Tool to become testing experts.


  • Save time by automating in-house tests
  • No prior programming experience needed
  • Easy setup with zero software or driver installation required on Windows® computers with Microsoft® Excel
  • Build your own scripts and export your results
  • Built-in error checking with powerful debugging capabilities to help troubleshoot your script
  • Easily plot trace data for graphical viewing and inclusion in reports

Work smarter, not harder with the new VIP Tool.