TrueSite Matrix (Discontinued)

TrueSite Matrix is a portable, Android-based solution, and includes a receiver that enables comprehensive testing of any indoor network. In addition to app and service testing, TrueSite supports voice quality metrics including VoLTE.

Often you need something that is a little more compact to collect your network data. TrueSite Matrix is an ultra-portable discrete Android-based solution for testing any indoor environment. Controlled via Bluetooth, TrueSite Matrix eliminates all cables--making it easy for your engineers to use and configure.

Performing installation and maintenance of DAS sites where most of the testing is required to be performed indoors is an issue faced by all operators. Until now, technicians have had to rely on bulky PC-based test solutions for measuring RF and service performance. The TrueSite solution makes it easy to turn up and optimize small cells and distributed antenna systems (DAS) in any indoor environment--including airports, stadiums, malls, and offices.

The solution can be used as a single device in the palm of your hand, or combined with a control tablet, up to six devices, and options such as a receiver/scanner and software capabilities, stored in a discreet messenger bag. TrueSite Matrix is the optimal solution for all your indoor testing needs.


  • Quickly deploy and troubleshoot Distributed Antenna Systems & Small Cells
  • Faster testing with real-time problem resolution
  • Minimize training, use your iBwave design files
  • Don’t draw attention, our ultra-portable solution enables discrete testing anywhere
  • Minimizes repeat data-capture walks by resolving problems as they’re found 

Key Features

  • Ultra-portable
  • Bluetooth control eliminates cables
  • Tablet control of up to six devices and one receiver
  • Easy, intuitive user interface 
  • Identify missing/faulty antennas and macro ingress issues during collection. 
  • Active and passive measurements 
  • Fully iBwave design compatible 
  • Floor plans can be added as picture file
  • Comprehensive technology coverage: LTE, WCDMA, GSM, CDMA, EV-DO 
  • VoLTE R-Factor MOS, IMS, RTP and POLQA MOS

TrueSite Matrix minimizes repeat data-capture walks and post-processing by immediately identifying and geo-locating missing/faulty antennas and macro-ingress issues during collection.   It also graphically compares the performance of different devices on the same network, or the same devices on different networks.

TrueSite is the optimal solution for testing any indoor venue or DAS deployment.

  • Supports various Android devices (check with VIAVIfor supported models)
  • Test services the way subscribers use them with VIAVI unique graphical parallel test sequencer
  • Anyone can utilize the AutoStart and TestMeNow modes
  • Fast 3G cell site testing with UARFCN forcing (Samsung Galaxy S3)
  • Fast LTE cell site testing with EARFCN (PCI) preference mode on various Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5
  • EARFCN (PCI) forcing on selected Samsung GalaxyS4 & S5 (contact VIAVI for details)
  • Collect a wide range of network information from areas usually difficult to reach using typical drive-test tools
  • Discretely collect and share data from network hot spots while using the handheld as a phone
  • Capture location from the device's built-in GPS
  • Automate service validation, voice, FTP upload/download and HTTP browsing with TestMeNow
  • Remote Start and Stop via SMS
  • Synchronize 7 devices from a control device
  • Automatically send data via FTP/HTTPS to a central location for detailed analysis
  • Use the phone as a test mobile with the full RANAdvisor solution
  • Nokia C5/C7 available also as handheld solution


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