Xgig Exerciser for CXL v1.1/v2.0

Approved for CXL Gold Suite compliance testing, the CXL Exerciser generates CXL data streams and responses for compliance testing and analysis at 32GT/s

Xgig Exerciser for CXL v1.1/v2.0
Xgig Exerciser for CXL v1.1/v2.0

The VIAVI Solutions Xgig® Exerciser for CXL™ v1.1/v2.0 brings turn-key compliance test capability to the Xgig product portfolio. An Exerciser is also a valuable tool for debugging difficult protocol communication problems because it provides full, bit-level, repeatable control over the CXL data traffic.

The VIAVI Xgig Exerciser enables in-depth protocol evaluation and debugging at 32GT/s per lane, as well as testing for CXL compliance, allowing development of memory and accelerator products to meet the demands of emerging high-speed, high-performance computing applications. With a modular architecture and an implementation tightly coupled to a full-featured analysis system, the Xgig Protocol Exerciser reduces the need for extra hardware investments, while a familiar Xgig management interface helps limit training needs, minimizing overall design and development costs.

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  • Approved by the CXL Consortium for CXL Gold Suite workshop compliance testing
  • Enables capture and decoding of the most complex CXL test cases
  • Maximum flexibility in analyzing and debugging protocol issues
  • Powerful graphical control interface provides quick status information and rapid test case set-up
  • Optimizes signal integrity at 32GT/s
  • Quicker time to market and earlier revenue
  • Lower engineering costs


  • Generates and responds to CXL compliant traffic
  • Allows capture and analysis of traffic flows between the Exerciser and its link partner
  • Capable of operating as a Root Complex (RC) or an Endpoint (EP) device
  • Supports CXL v1.1 and v2.0
  • Performs LTSSM testing: both positive and negative test scenarios via VIAVI LTSSM Override function
  • LTSSM state tracker with history log
  • Save and load custom test configurations
  • Scripting API allows complex, user-created test cases
  • User-configurable custom test configurations for positive and negative test cases
  • Graphical control interface provides easy visual presentation and setup of test procedures


  • Supports all PCIe data rates from 2.5GT/s to 32GT/s
  • Supports link widths of 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16-lanes
  • User can set link rates and widths and control transitions to other rates
  • Tightly aligned operation with the Analyzer for fully detailed bit-level trace captures
  • Runs on the VIAVI 5P16, 5P8 and 6P4 platforms
  • Works with the Xgig PCIe5 Exerciser Host-Mode Test Stand
  • Supported by VIAVI Xgig tool suite including Trace Control, Expert and Serialytics

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