TeraVM: Partner Programs

Providing the world with ‘per flow’ IP test and measurement solutions. TeraVM is a fully virtualized IP test and measurement solution that can emulate and measure millions of unique application flows.

TeraVM provides comprehensive measurement and performance analysis on each and every application flow, with the ability to easily pinpoint and isolate problem flows.

  • Amartus

    Amartus helps connectivity businesses accelerate network transformation. We provide tailored software services for the IT, Cloud & Telecommunications industry and develop solutions that enable our customers the transition from traditional networks towards automated, software-defined infrastructures. Amartus' customers include network automation vendors, global connectivity hardware manufacturers and network and telecom operators. We're actively involved in MEF LSO activities, currently co-leading two MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration projects. Our industry collaboration also covers standards groups, open source organizations and industry ecosystems, such as MEF, OpenDaylight, Intel Network Builders, ETSI, IISOMI and TMForum.

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  • Idappcom

    Idappcom Ltd has been supplying the majority of device vendors, testing labs, government and large corporations with security products since 2004. By association the skills and techniques gathered by working closely with vendors and test labs is extensive. Idappcom has a unique knowledge base that allows not just the identification of issues but solutions to match according to the device under test.

    The core of the process is Traffic IQ, an advanced security auditing and penetration testing tool that is used to identify where actual proven exploits, from a library of over 10,000 captures, are penetrating the devices designed to mitigate them, or valid protocols are not being stopped by rules that false Positive.

    TIQ operates in stealth, in live networks or labs, by sending captured traffic files through single devices (such as firewalls, NGFW, IDS, IPS, switches) or many points in the network, singly or in repeatable batches (groups) in sequence, not under load. Real time reports show which packets had been blocked (successes) and which packets had been allowed through (failures).
    A free standing rules manager is also available to consolidate, create and edit rules from various sources, including the Idappcom rules library of over 8,000 Snort rules and rapidly manage the deployment over multiple sensors and multiple networks. Traffic IQ and the rules manager can be joined by relationships, so together they offer a complete solution, not just problem identification.

    The cycle of rapid risk detection - application of remedies - and retesting means that if devices are penetrated then, configurations and policies can be amended and new signatures/rules can be applied before they can be exploited.

    To remain effective and efficient within the capabilities of a device under test, in a growing threat landscape, it is essential to know that the rules deployed are relevant to the user network and applications in use, as well as ensuring that the relevant mitigation capabilities are remedied prior to testing to see if the same capability exists under load.

    Traffic IQ and TeraVM give the rapid response, test – fix -test - load test, cycle required to ensure that risk is reduced in an efficient and effective way, freeing up valuable resource and skills. The process has been known to remove the need for Capex, make what you have more effective.

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  • Intel Network Builders

    The Intel Network Builders program accelerates the deployment of NFV/SDN network transformation by making it easier to build, enhance, and operate SDN/NFV-based infrastructure.

    The Intel Network Builders ecosystem uses TeraVM to validate functional and performance dimensions of the services deployed via NFV/SDN systems.

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  • QualiSytems

    QualiSytems TestShell offers an integrated automation package for TeraVM, a fully virtualized IP test and measurement solution that can emulate and measure millions of unique application flows. TeraVM provides comprehensive measurement and performance analysis on each and every applications flow with the ability to easily pinpoint and isolate problems flows.

    TestShell is an object-based infrastructure and network test automation tool. TestShell is deployed by leading service providers, technology manufacturers, enterprise and government IT departments worldwide.

    TestShell offers a TeraVM library package which includes the library file, an XML based configuration file used by the library and a help file, which is compatible with TeraVM 10.x and 11.x versions.

    The TestShell TeraVM library supports a variety of automation processes:

    • Execution methods to start, stop and pause jobs or test groups
    • Setup methods including loading job and test group XML files
    • Statistic gathering processes include:
      • Gathering statistics on an aggregate, application or host basis
      • Ability to generate test group results and statistics files in various formats

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