Congratulations on successfully completing your VIAVI powered Learning Alliance Telecommunications Technician training!

You are now prepared to participate in the exciting world of wireless telecommunications including the rollout of 5G. In recognition of your accomplishments, VIAVI would like to provide you additional information to bolster your wireline and wireless contractor test and verification skill set.

Learning Alliance

Please select below from the course(s) you have completed to view the key skills learned and VIAVI products for which you are now certified with links to related supporting resources:

Find out more about the VIAVI P5000i Fiber Microscope

Find out more about the VIAVI FiberChek Probe Microscope


Find out more about the VIAVI SmartOTDR Smart Test Assistant


Cable and Antenna Return Loss and DTF Testing with VIAVI OneAdvisor-800

Find out more about the VIAVI OneAdvisor-800

The following videos take a closer look at the Certifier10G and Certifier40G, highlighting key features, controls and workflow methods that help users utilize the capabilities of this certification tool:

How-To Videos: Certifier10G and Certifier40G

Videos included are:

  • VIAVI Certifier – Generating Reports with J-Reporter
  • VIAVI Certifier – 10/40G: Episode 1  - Device Basics
  • VIAVI Certifier – 10/40G: Episode 2  - Software Updates
  • VIAVI Certifier – 10/40G: Episode 3  - Copper Testing
  • VIAVI Certifier – 10/40G: Episode 4  - Label and List Based Testing
Learn more about VIAVI Certifier

More information to expand your wireless knowledge:

Please contact VIAVI Sales Expert  for more information about VIAVI products or if you are interested in purchasing VIAVI equipment.